Chris Rawlins On Cards Instant Download

Chris Rawlins On Cards Instant Download

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Chris Rawlins On Cards

In this Alakazam Online Academy course will you get to peek behind the curtain and learn some of Chris’ most guarded approaches to mystery entertainment with playing cards. The good news - everything in this course is within everybody’s grasp. No difficult moves, no bad angles, no risk, no stress. Allowing you to really get out there and enjoy performing this material just as much as your audiences will enjoy being part of it.

More good news - Chris has hand selected these routines, approaches and methods that will be beneficial to lovers of both card magic and mentalism. This one day course is brought to you directly from Chris and the Alakazam Academy team. It is fully interactive, flexible and bursting with information that you will use. 

What will you learn? 

One Card Poker - You’ll learn every detail to Chris’ interactive and surprising card miracle where the spectators do all the work for you. Including an interesting alternate approach that he has never tipped before.

Drop Card 50/50 - Chris will teach you how to perform an extremely fair card routine, where a selected card is found by a spectator through a series of blind choices. 

A Card Reversed // Two Ways - You’ll learn two different methods for having a spectator freely select a card that they reverse in the deck that matches a prediction they were holding from the very beginning.

PSEUDO - Chris will teach every detail of his routine PSEUDO, a three phase memory routine that can be done by anyone. No memory required whatsoever! This is a solid workhorse for those that want to demonstrate an extraordinary claim and be able to back it up.

Red Hot Mamma - Chris has done his fair share of strolling Magic with cards and here he teaches his handling of Red Hot Mamma / Chicago Opener that makes the already simple handling even easier, with some interesting and subtle presentational touches to maximise the impact. 

Deck Switch - You will learn Chris’ preferred way to switch a deck that he has used for a number of years in all environments and has never been seen!

NC Control - Chris will tip something that will change how you control and locate cards. This is a tool that Chris uses every time he has a card selected, it can be used to control and locate multiple cards or a single selection.

Push Slide Peek - A simple peek of a freely selected playing card with a playful mental presentation.

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Customer Reviews

William McGregor

had forgotten how good these courses are - got some great ideas that I will use. Chris goes over all the scenarios that could happen in his card routines.

Richard Groom

I am really enjoying Chris' Academy course. He has a casual elegance and engaging eloquence when performing. His effects are very fooling and will probably all be taken out and worked. A great evening.

Alexander Ross

When I booked the course I thought it would be Mentalism as much as anything. But I have to admit that Mr Rawlins never ceases to amaze not only does he teach and explain the tricks so well it is apparent that so many of them can be adapted in whatever way a particular magician would like to suit his particular style. Thanks again to Chris and all at Alakazam ?

Tony Dawson

Always liked Chris's work , so it was an easy choice to part with the cash on a monthly pass this month! What we have seen so far just shows his great thinking on simple ideas, very fooling, easy to do and most of all entertaining. I've never brought into the argument that cards and mentalism don't mix, so looking forward to more of the same!

Steve Black

Great material. Absolutely love the link between magic /mentalism. Chris is a very engaging tutor and his extra ideas are superb. Great production values as usual. Highly recommended !!!!!!

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