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Magic Factory Live With Jamie Daws Instant Download

Magic Factory Live With Jamie Daws Instant Download

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Download this video now and join us for over 3 hours of gimmick making goodness!
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Magic Factory is an Alakazam course dedicated to the making of magical props. It is always a great skill to have and will not only save you money, but it can get you out of a tight situation! In this academy course, we will be looking into everything ‘making!’ Starting at the very basics and then advancing onto more challenging projects! This course will give you the fundamentals of making gimmicks and designing bespoke pieces of magical apparatus for your gigs and shows! 

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Customer Reviews

John Burns

What a GREAT resource for the DIY Magician! Thoroughly enjoyed the 4 hours of content! There truly is something here for everyone! In fact, as mentioned by Jamie, Peter, and Harry during the lecture, there's one item alone which is worth the price of the entire event! Thanks so much! -California, USA

Ivan C

Didn't make it on the night but just finished watching back on download. Awesome as always and well worth the wait.

Craig Morris

after just watching it and my first review i found the four hours just flew over. i do like the stuff jamie does and this was just fantastic, the creativeness and ease of making the gaffs was amazing, the links to help buy the materials and templates was great. well done and keep it up. now to get onto amazon

Everrett Chavers

Once again Mr. Daws has knocked it out the park. His gimmicks are absolutely mind blowing. Definitely worth the money. You will not be disappointed.

Colin Stainton

Another brilliant course from Alakazam and Jamie. This is an absolute must buy and it's worth triple the cost. If it's still £14.99 then buy it and if not, buy it!

Alan White

What an incredible academy with Jamie. A dozen sections on making gimmicks foe £14.99, what incredible value as well. I have been making my own gimmicks for years but Jamie always find something new and different. Thank you Jamie and Alakazam.

Mat Briscoe

This is a huge course ! Several of the items you can make up and the theory behind them is worth the price alone, you also get two PDF to accompany the course with clear instruction and scripting.

Mark Wild

4 hours of top tips and gimmicks. Jamie walks you through making great gimmicks and tricks. You may not use them straight away but it’s all stored for you for future reference. Bet you make the first one as soon as you can though !

Pat McK

My first academy and it was fantastic! The amount of effort that Jamie Daws put in to produce high quality gimmicks that anyone can make was astounding. What a creative genius. Thank you, Jamie and Alakazam, well worth the price.

Philip Macleod

great academy with loads of great ideas. each one worth the price on its own, Absolute steal & worth more, but with Jamie and the office team you expect no less :)

Phill Evans

Another great academy. So practical and Jamie's explanation is so clear. Great ideas that will save you pounds. Brilliant for online magic, trialling your own ideas and developing new routines. £15 well very spent.

Tony Mann

Wow! What an amazing evening. So much to learn - this would have been brilliant value for a quarter of the material. Jamie makes things look so easy - in a good way, that makes me believe I can do for myself previously scary things like splitting cards. This has been a wonderful course - I cannot recommend it too highly.

Roy Smith

Wow. Where to start? Unbelievable value for money, help and instructions to make so many gimmicks that will save a fortune,Fantastic routines with the gimmick and a great entertaiing night.


Great show loving it, alakazam has done it again, to make this show happen. The gimmicks are great too, they are shown in great detail, and easy to follow methods for making them. So pleased i signed up for this live show, and great that you can rewind this show and watch it over if you want to.


What a fantastic course for learning how to make gaff cards, how to split cards, and making other gaff items. Jamie is as usual a fantastic teacher. Highly recommended Academy course if you want to start making, or creating, gaff items.

Alexander Ross

I have attended many Alakazam Academy Courses and every one has been exceptional and this is no exception. So much very valuable content and advice is included and I am so glad that I did not miss this Jamie Daws information packed course. More than worth every penny. Like all of the others and includes the methods and miracles necessary.

Adam Momcilovic

This is a fully fun packed useful academy. It is so worth the money. I enjoyed learning how to make all the gimmicks. I can't wait to try out these ideas and make my own gaff cards and envelopes etc. A big thank you to Jamie for a superb evening. Well done.

Scott Clark

Jamie does it again, he goes into great detail how to make lots of different gaff's/gimmicks. The kids live the frog. Had to make multiple, so no fighting. This Academy is a bargain price. And will save you money in the long term.

Philip Coulson

Absolutely brilliant course! So many super top tops for making difficult gimmicks easy to make. Extra tips too from questions that arise during the academy. I know I'll be very busy over the next few weeks applying the strategies and performing more effects that were previously off-limits due to difficult gimmick makes now made easy!! Shame that 5* is the highest rating as this deserves a much higher rating. Top notch work from the Alakazam Team!

Richard Weston

This is the only live tutorial style course I have heard of, relating to the fabrication of gimmicks. I have had my investment back already with the stuff I have learnt. Not the first half of the academy, I am talking about the first hour. This is highly recommended for anyone that wants to save themselves a fortune by making their own gaffs and it's not that hard.

Alistair Brien

An excellent course giving valuable insights into a whole variety of methods of gimmick making together with some great routines which make use of them. Very clear teaching and great accompanying materials and templates.

Brian Stewart

What a brilliant Academy, Jamie has really excelled himself this time. The cost of the course is nothing compared to what you will learn in making your own gimmicks: Cards; envelopes, book covers etc etc. and of course you will save yourself a fortune and have a lot of fun making them. And the best bit was it is far more simple than most people thought - I am looking forward to giving it a go. Do not miss this course.

William McGregor

Another 10 out of 10 for Jamie Daws, the secrets of gimmick making will allow you to make your own over and over. His envelope is worth more than the cost of the Academy.

Dara S-L

As soon as Jamie Daws' name appears on an Alakazam product you know it's going to be great. The Magic factory is no exception, Jamie went through numerous amazing effects and gimmicks, and he explained them all so well. I would highly recommend this academy to anyone, whether they are a beginner at magic or a highly experienced magician

Wilf Archer

Superb as usual. Love Jamie's academy courses.

Danny Marsh

Oh my, oh my, oh my. This was 15 quidney bits early bird price. I can honestly tell you the gimmick created on trick one paid off. This is the best academy this side of Lockdown.,,,in fact probably the most enjoyable, and more importantly valuable in the last few years. I for one hope a sequel is planned. Outstanding.

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