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Mark James Live 2 Instant Download

Mark James Live 2 Instant Download

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Mark James has performed on land and at sea in over 40 countries worldwide. In his Alakazam Academy, he presents his favourite effects from over a decade lecturing for magicians.

This is Mark's SECOND academy course at Alakazam and he's coming back DESPITE popular demand! 

Check out the list of 5 star reviews on Mark's first course, this is guaranteed to deliver the same quality and mix of effects. Mark will lift the lid on the salt pour, show the real work on billiard balls, share some stage card magic with the 10 cards to pocket and much more. 

Don't delay, book TODAY as Mark joins us again on Tuesday, 28th July at 8pm for another great mix of stage and close up magic.

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Customer Reviews

Nigel Roberts

A great Academy where he performed classic demonstration magic in which the audience do not have to touch anything. This is the sort of magic we will all have to perform in the near future. The effects were beautifully routined and clearly explained.

Bartholomew Simpson

Just like his first academy, this one was amazing! Mark is willing to share tips that only get to be known from having performed things many times. Other than the tricks themselves, other tips he gives out are extremely valuable. Add to that the fact that he is engaging and the lecture is well worth getting - I'm glad that I did.

Ivan C

Another amazing academy I love the way Mark presents and his lecture style; even the card stuff is shown up away from the table, in full view so you can see pocket management and full presentation and handling. I don't think I've even watched a download or online lecture that hasn't been all at the table of close angle shots. This lecture was like having my own parlour show Mark literally gave us a show with the material here

Tweli Griffiths

Mark's first Academy was great, and once again, in this second one, I have learnt so much from his wealth of tips and experience. Bring on the third!

Mark Wild

I watched both of Mark’s academies and they are both great. Different in content but equally well presented and explained. You will learn a variety of routines - something for everyone.

Brian Stewart

What a fantastic Academy with a complete variety of tricks all excellently explained. Mark is a very funny performer and an equally good teacher. If you are looking for a real variety of magic then this is for you. Mark is also happy to share a mass of hints and tips which is absolutely invaluable. I also attended Mark’s first Academy and I am so glad I did as it was another masterclass from a working magician.

Alexander Ross

Mark's presentation and tuition during his lectures is exceptional. The added explanations and detail provide so much more to help you learn how to execute each complete magic trick for best result. Well worth the time and effort invested!

William McGregor

Another great Academy - Mark is so generous with his performance tips and his secrets. He has told us and shared things he does not normally give up. Thanks again Mark

Scott Clark

Mark has done it again. Lots if great information and tips.

Martin Monty

I really enjoyed Mark's first Academy. Very professional production. This second Academy is following the same great format. The 6 Card throw-away was amazing. Mark has a great presentation and has some great advice on handling. Great to see some footage of performance with real public spectators (Salt Pour). Lots of insider tips for music/sound editing.

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