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Mark James has performed on land and at sea in over 40 countries worldwide. In his Alakazam Academy, he presents his favourite effects from over a decade lecturing for magicians.
A wide range of material covering close up, parlour and stage. Mark teaches his chop cup routine with all the tips and information you need to put this powerhouse effect in magic right into your show. He also teaches a super streamline handling for the silk to egg and his original presentation blindfolded book test called WordBox. If you’ve got a new piece of material you’re nervous about putting into your show, Mark also has a segue effect to help that transition. For close up workers there is an amazing Think A Card effect and a walk around pack small play big effect we guarantee you’ll perform next time someone asks you to do some magic. 

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Customer Reviews

Jason Rodgers

Excellent. The material is all first class but all the tips and tid-bits that Mark goes over is really where the genius of this course comes through. He says a couple of times that he, "Goes off on tangents" but the info and advice he's giving on those tangents is worth the price of the course. Truly a thoughtful and innovative thinker and it comes through in spades.

Bartholomew Simpson

Amazing! This was the first time I saw Mark teach, and it was excellent! It was also my first academy class, but if they are all like this, I'll be signing up for more. Even on the things I knew, Mark provided some valuable tips, and actually usable (in my opinion - comedy is always hard and subjective) jokes. I mainly signed up for the chop cup - which I had been working on and now feel like I'll have a performance ready routine with a few additions from his teaching. But I feel like the rest was great as well.

Austin Siviter

This was my first Academy. The event was professional throughout. Mark's lecture was excellent. I first met him a South Shields Magic Festival when he compered the Gala Show, so it was great to see he again tonight. He presented everything in clear simple terms with humility, which to a hobbyist is inspirational. Thank you.

Sandy Wilson

Mark James presents a hugely enjoyable and varied selection of magic in this Academy lecture. Each routine has clearly been road tested through many hours of performance, and Mark’s considerable experience shines through here. While the routines themselves are great, there is also much discussion on the little things that we as performers can often forget or overlook, tips on performance, stagecraft, and why performing a particular move one way is better than doing it another. Mark has clearly put a tremendous amount of thought into this, and there is something here for everyone, newbie, hobbiest or pro. There are no pipedreams here – this is all practical, workable material that anyone can use. This course is excellent value for money, and highly recommended.

David Thomas

The magic and explanations were excellent. I also particularly enjoyed the performance tips - not just the performance of these tricks, but general tips about preparation, pacing, mindset and audience control. Highly recommended.

Dan Mullen

This is a superb Academy course. A great variety of tricks, something for everyone. Mark's delivery is excellent, lots of useful advice and tips. Highly recommended!

Alexander Ross

Fantastic! So well explained on every point Thank you Mark! It was clear and enjoyable!

William McGregor

Brilliant lecture - all his working material well explained and very generous with his tips

Phill Evans

What can I say... just brilliant. Solid entertaining magic brilliantly explained with so many nuances, suggestions, hints & tips. I've done a lot of academies but this has to be one of the most practical. Definitely worth every penny.

Martin Monty

Really enjoying lots of top tips. - the fine details are well polished. Fantastic advice on techniques. Great explanations and a fantastic performance - a true professional. I have watched every Alakazam Academy Lecture and they are always top quality and great value for money.

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