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MD Mini By ProMystic


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*If you also require the PMR receiver please tick the box at the bottom of the page to add it to your order. 
MD Mini is a tiny 0.8 inch 100% plastic colour cube that you will carry daily.
You can perform from up to 30 feet away and the battery can be changed.
The appearance is completely seamless. The colours are white, red, blue, green, orange, and yellow.
They are an exact match to other popular cubes on the market. The cube does NOT rotate like a puzzle, the only puzzle is how you can read the spectator’s mind! With the convenient keychain attachment and miniature size, you will carry this with you everywhere. It is very small in your pocket and super easy to remove on the spot.

Anywhere, anytime
Only 0.8 of an inch in diameter
Keep on your key ring
Always ready to perform
Performance from up to 20 feet away
No assistants
Multiple spectators

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Customer Reviews

Alan Hanson

Since the day of purchase bI have used this in everyday life and at the office as a daily ice breaker at morning meetings. It is one of the lower cost items from Promystic and some may say expensive but when you consider the technology required to perform the effect and more the results attained it is money well spent. The training video is clear and informative. The possibilities are endless. It stays on my key ring every day ready to perform. Set up from cold is litteraly 20 seconds and I am good to go. Batteries so far have lasted 3 months

Steve Black

This is just superb. Yes, it is expensive but as an investment is very good value. With any Promystic equipment you have to add an extra £150 to buy the receiver BUT the good news is it can be used with all the other Promystic effects. They really do make you look like a miracle worker. I did not want to get involved with buying direct from the US so it is superb that Alakazam are now official stockists. Promystic customer service is legend and so is that of Alakazam so I have no concerns in investing in this kit through them. This is small and always available. It just looks totally innocent. Highly recommended !!!!! Talk to Harry if you want a recommendation !

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