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MINI ILLUSION by Himitsu Magic

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Effect: The magician inserted a paper knife into the gap in the cardboard, and then put the Houdini card that the audience had checked into the gap. Can actually pass through the paper knife directly! After the performance, all objects can be checked!

Props include:

Special props

Houdini card

Paper knife

Paper saw table

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Customer Reviews

Steve Lisicky

First of all...5 Stars for the effect. 2 Stars for the materials. Unfortunately the materials provided detract from everything else. I would LOVE if they made a Deluxe version with a PLASTIC blade. Even better...put a brick pattern label on the plastic blade to fit in with the Houdini walking through walls theme. The problem with this trick is everything is paper/cardboard. Which I get makes it affordable...but I don't see why a plastic blade couldn't replace the thin carboard blade and still be affordable. The item that activates the gimmick leaves a dent/blemish on the foil blade. It's not a big can still perform the illusion...but it does leave a visible mark. Another concern...after Houdini makes it through and you return the blade to where it can be BENT very easily and left a crease that really affects the trick in future performances. I LOVE this...but PLEASE make a better version out of better would be worth the extra cost and I'll be first in line. 5 for effect...5 for easy/examinable...2 for materials.


Its great it reminds me of things i did 70 years ago, if performed properly it will be a a miracle in your hands.


A fantastic little illusion. Easy to do. The friends I’ve shown it to were amazed and also examined everything after the trick.

Carl Langley

Was fun from the go, within a moment of it's arrival. Will definitely be making a lot of appearances.

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