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Movie Nights By Jon Gadd And Steve Bowring

Movie Nights By Jon Gadd And Steve Bowring

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Movie Nights By Jon Gadd and Steve Bowring

Movies Nights is a compendium of mentalism effects cleverly disguised as an innocent set of game cards.  What Jon and Steve have done is taken elements from classic Alakazam products and blended them to create a Swiss army knife style pack that will allow you to perform multiple mental miracles.

The basis of Movie Nights is Steve Shaw’s fantastic and ground breaking effect Director Cut which is an all time best seller but the guys have taken this idea and run with it, adding more reveals, forces and other amazing stuff!

So now the effect doesn’t just end with the naming of the movie. You can even tell them what time they are going to the cinema and even what seat they will sit in! 

There are so many clever things built in to Movie Nights that you could do an entire 15- 20 minute close up set with this pack alone.

Quick Effect 1: Imagine having someone select a set of top trump cards and think of any card from within that set and you can prove you knew which pack and card they were going to choose by removing one single folded card from your wallet!

Quick Effect 2: Imagine having your spectator cut the pack anywhere and look at the Genre of the movie. They look at a list of other decks available and choose one that resembles their genre ie if they are thinking of romance so they could choose the Love Island pack , If they are thinking of Sci-Fi the pack may be Spaceships and if they are thinking of horror the pack would be Halloween. Now with absolutely no fishing and no questions you can tell them exactly what they are thinking of!  

And as a bonus each set comes with stylist matching cards to perform the amazing Killer Elite (please note no instructions are given for killer Elite the cards are meant as replacements for owners of Killer Elite)

Movie Nights comes with a full instructional video lasting almost 1 hour where we delve in to every aspect of the Movie Nights deck and believe me there are plenty more videos to come!

So order yours today!

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Customer Reviews

Paul Martin

I absolutely love this deck. It’s so well made, looks totally normal and the routines are not only powerful and strong they all make sense and look totally natural. I recommend very few products especially with cards but this has my highest recommendation. The perfect addition to any act.

Marc Paul

Jon took the time and trouble to drop off a set of these cards to me. They really do look like real Top Trump cards. The quality and finish on them is superb allowing for them to spread and handle very nicely. As for the effects, well think of Director's Cut on steroids! You can do everything that Director's Cut does plus have the ability to force from a group of cards. There are also some wonderful bonus effects and hidden secrets built into the deck. I think this is a very clever and useful tool to add to your repertoire.

Phil Macleod

really like the fact that you pull out a simple kids game and then nail them with some great effects. the routines well thought through and simple to learn.

Peter Nguyen

A very solid offering here with many possibilities for different reveals and routines. The inclusion of killer elite add on cards gives you a great opener or closer for you routine. Each card has info/stats on the selected movie (as per any trump card set you would purchase) which you can use to your advantage for some clever routines. As an example, you can name the movie genre of their choosen movie without looking, peeking or touching any of the cards Overall, a great set of movie cards

Steve Black

Have had now had time to evaluate this properly and I think it is superb. A huge amount of thought has gone into this and the theme is always popular. Peter has an uncanny knack of recognising excellent ideas and this is exception. Recommended !!

Craig L

I never really agree when I hear 'a full act in this one wee deck' or similar... but this time it really is true. The cards are so natural and logical and look exactly as anyone would expect them to. As well as routines that would otherwise be possible with Directors Cut (which is still excellent), the addition of the other principles just takes it to another level. Great stuff, highly recommended!

Roy Smith

Wowwwww. £45 may seem a bit much for a set of cards, but could be the best £45 I have spent in a very long time. With only 1hrs practice I tried this out at a very busy event last night. The results were amazing.

Ewen Wilson

This is a game changer for fans of Directors Cut. Personally I've used Directors Cut for years in both my close up and standup mentalism presentations. I got larger cards printed for stand up. The flexibility of the additional effects I'll be able to do with just these cards means they are ideal for me.

Magic Review Critic

This is well thought out great to use and good price for what you get another great Mentalisum Magic Trick from Alakazam

Nick Baverstock

I’ve seen this effect evolve and go from strength to strength. Fantastic effect & with so many built in features the sky’s the limit (or you imagination) on how you can use it.

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