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My Luck Is Yours by John Carey Instant Download

My Luck Is Yours by John Carey Instant Download

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Alakazam are delighted to release a brand new download from our friend, John Carey called My Luck is Yours! John considers this one of the strongest Card effects he has created and we totally agree!


Using nothing but a regular spectator shuffled borrowed deck you will be able to perform a miracle on demand. Based on the theme of intuition and fortune telling, a random three digit total is thought of and called out by your participant. The sum of those digits is added together to form your spectators lucky number.


The performer then removes a mystery card from another deck from their pocket. The cards are then dealt from the shuffled deck to your spectators lucky number. Incredibly that card perfectly matches your mystery card! It’s just so clean and very deceptive.


Points to note: It’s self working, extremely practical and easy to do. The numbers are not forced. They can be any numbers. As you will see, Peter was fooled quite badly by this effect.  Now it can be your reputation maker to learn and use!


Watch and enjoy the trailer and pick it up now. You will not be disappointed. John and Peter have a very detailed discussion about the method and concepts used and Peter tips a brilliant alternative presentation where any card freely named appears at their lucky number! This is a true worker

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Customer Reviews

Dan Mullen

This is so clever, typical brilliant thinking from John Carey. The method is so devious! Completely impromptu, really can be performed with a borrowed, shuffled deck. Peter's alternative presentation is also superb!

John Williams

A excellent effect. Lets have more creative out put from John. Well constructed and explained. The idea from Peter enhances the effect..

Mark Cullen

Wow that’s all I can say John Carey has done it again with another killer effect.

Dave Campbell

This is deceptive as hell, and if you add in the finesse that Peter threw in, it changes the whole complexion of the routine. Either way it's a mind-blower for the spectator because they have no idea what's coming... definitely a great buy for a great effect

Terry Casserley

Another excellent delivery from John Carey. The spectator will have no idea where this clever trick is going. As ever, with John, lots of additional tips and presentation ideas to accompany the instructions too (not just a ‘here’s how to do the trick’ offering). Good job John.

Mark Horsman

Without doubt my purchase of the year! Traditionally I either struggle with or find Acaan plots either convoluted, too mathematical or reliant on stacks.......THIS is my Holy grail, completely impromptu, with no work involved, john has smashed it with a with this devious routine, up until now I’ve been using The Grail, but I’ve preformed this twice now since my Boxing Day purchase, one with using a new, sealed deck,shuffled by the spectator and it absolutely nailed them. For less than a tenner this is absolutely a reputation maker, in depth informative tutorial and some brilliant subtleties within, as well as a few bonus moves taught!!!! This is going down as my trick of the year and has certainly boosted my confidence in terms of preforming with cards!!!!! nice work John!!!!

Daren Rotherham

Absolutely brilliant download! Very fooling method and fantastic for online performances too! Highly recommended

Tom Mullenger

Absolutely incredible! The effect is so clean and so hard hitting, then Peter adds his thoughts and it becomes a masterpiece

Stan Airey

Purchased yesterday I just love this effect One of the best from the brilliant John Carey. So clever so cheeky. A must have as they say “packs small plays BIG.” Love it

Simon Cafferty

Love John’s thinking behind this one :) isn’t just limited to playing cards and gives you scope to really put together something special. Can be combined with other effects as well; I’m thinking of using the Gordon Diary with it. All in all a really good purchase and a steal for the price it is.

John Mason

SO GOOD! This is such a great effect and I can’t recommend it highly enough! When you buy it, and you WILL, Peter has added some really excellent additional ideas that imo, improves an already 1st class effect to a new level of perfection. Don’t miss this. You know it makes sense.

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