Optix by Tobias Dostal

Optix by Tobias Dostal

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"Optix is what magic should feel like."

- Danny Garcia

Optix was, without a doubt THE #1 TRICK OF MAGIC LIVE.


If you were there, you know what this is and you don't need to read further. The 'add to cart button' is ready for you.


Optix can be used for a multitude of vanishes and transpositions. However, there is one stand-out routine that seems impossible.


This routine, if performed, cannot be followed.


Borrow a spectator’s phone, then hand them your phone to film the magic... In an instant, their phone vanishes into thin air. No sleeves. No pulls. GONE.


When they ask where their phone is, you point to their own hands. The phone they've been holding the entire time is THIER phone.

That means they filmed their phone vanishing, on their own phone. It's only confusing because the laws of science shouldn't allow it to be possible.

Their phone exists in two different places…at the same time!!!

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