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Out Of The Blue By Alchemy Tree (Right Handed Version)

Out Of The Blue By Alchemy Tree (Right Handed Version)

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Please Note This Is The Right Handed Version
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Out of the Blue is so much more than just another card trick. It’s a Masterclass on sleights, routining, timing and misdirection. 

The colour changing deck must be one of the most eye-popping effects you can do with a deck of cards. This version is a real worker and ends clean. 

As with all Alchemy Tree tutorials, the attention to detail is second-to-none and includes easy and more advanced handlings, as well as nine in-depth tutorials on the following sleights:

1.Classic Pass - This has so much great advice and Out Of The Blue is a perfect routine to practice this slight without it having to look invisible. 
2.Hit Double Lift 
3.One-handed Top-Palm 
4.Simple Erdnase top-Palm
5.Palming fundamentals
6.T.G. Murphy Deck-flip
7.Thumb Fan
8.Swing Cut
9.Charlier Cut
So, if you’ve ever wanted to perfect any of these slights, these alone will be worth the price of the download. 

We also give you a complete breakdown of the routining and timing to make this a lesson on how to make your sleight of hand invisible. 

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Customer Reviews

William McGregor

If there were more stars to give this, I would. I bought it for the effect but there is so much more on here. It is a lesson in slight-of-hand par excellence. I have been doing the pass for years – badly, but I now have a hints and tips that have made it so much better. Great value.

Andy M

Very nice effect! And so nicely explained - The Alchemy Tree does it in the most beautiful and professional way! + lots of other 'tools' thrown in when you purchase it. I really like performing it. Thank you!

Tim Saddleton

Another cracking release from The Alchemy Tree. Impossible to say anything negative about this effect. Everything is covered in extra fine detail and options given for alternative handlings for the moves required, absolutely brilliant, well done The Alchemy Tree.

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