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Pin By Marc Paul


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With Pin Marc Paul has created a super-simple, yet brilliantly ingenious way of gaining written information.
The beauty of Marc's creation is that the PIN envelope may be freely shown before, during and after the effect.
Basic Effect
A yellow envelope is shown to your spectators, they can see it has the word PIN printed across it.  You remove a piece of card from the envelope and hand it to your spectator.  They are asked to create a 4 digit PIN number in their mind and write it on the card.  The card is slid back in to the envelope facedown and the envelope flap is closed.  The envelope is once again shown both sides to prove you can not see through it.  The envelope is placed away in your pocket and you never need to go back to it, yet you instantly start reading their mind to reveal the top secret PIN number!
Pin is super-easy to perform (almost totally self-work) leaving you time to concentrate on your presentation.
The size and colour  of the PIN envelopes make them perfect for close-up, parlour or even stage and because of the material we choose to have them manufactured in they will last a very long time!
Along with the props you will have access to the video tutorial featuring Marc and Peter discussing and demonstrating the working and some amazing routine ideas. Including Marc's full  PIN revelation routine, Marc's two person routine, Peter's thoughts on using PIN for the ever popular Magic Square and CAAN effect (and lots more)
You will absolutely love how deviously simple PIN is and because PIN stands for Personal Identification Number, Product Identification Number & Public Information Notice you can have your spectator write anything on the card, you are certainly not restricted to just PIN's
Your PIN Set Comes Complete With
2 x Special PIN Envelopes
1 x Identical non-gimmicked PIN Envelope
30 x PIN Cards  (Reload packs of PIN cards are available in packs of 50 ) 
Full tutorial video

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Customer Reviews

Aaron Bridgewood

Just received pin today and I must say it so easy but by all means it's going to play big as always production of everything you get is extremely well made and instruction video is as always spot on definitely going to be using this soon as I can


PIN by Marc Paul: you will love what you can do with what you get, be it on stage, in a parlor setting or close-up. I give it 10/10 and I am happy to own and use it. I actually use it as a name/place routine, but have replaced the place by the PIN information. No more burning of billets and nor more center tear. At 55 I do not have such good eyesight anymore and I am very happy that, like in many other Marc Paul routines, you write with a black sharpie on a clear white background. You can see what you need to see very clearly. While this is NOT for design duplications, it is perfect for more personal information such as your PIN, a name or a place. What is REALLY COOL about these envelopes is that you can show them from the front AND back ANYTIME while the card is in the envelope, when it is out of the envelope, before the peek and, if you wanted to, even again right after the peek! I was aware of the method before, but Marc`s handling and the props from Alakazam make this work so smoothly now. Yes, there are other ways to peek, peek wallets, impression devices... but this one is so clean (and actually very cheap). Thank you Marc for the development and thank you Alakazam for producing the great props. Service is also lightning fast and free!

Steve Cook

A wonderful idea from Marc! The envelopes which Alakazam have produced are first class (likewise the packaging). The gimmick is undetectable from a very close range. Marc's handling tips (as well as Peter's ideas) are top-notch. It's one of those rare effects which, if you're nor careful, you'll fall more in love with the method than the effect! Having said that, the envelope allows you to customise the effect you wish in many ways. The basic PIN routine itself looks like the real deal: genuine mind-reading. There are times in this craft when some idea, method or gimmick just tickles you pink: this is one of them. Congratulations to both Marc Paul and Alakazam. PIN is a must, and is very highly recommended!

Lyndon Webb

I bought this on a bit of a whim. I have one of Marc's effects that has been in my stand up show for about ten years so I know that he produces quality effects that are simple but powerful. I love the cleanness and how pure it looks. It uses a principle that we all should of thought of but didn't. I have added this to my Fox (Luca Volpe) and now have a small but powerful two hour show. If you are thinking of getting it - do it!

David Williams

WOW ! So well made and such a great method. Worth every penny and more.

Mick Wilson

INSPIRING! It has to be said, I was inspired by this effect the minute Marc tipped it in his Academy course. While this could be made at home, the quality is absolutely second to none and worth every penny of the purchase price. The original routine and the bonus ideas on the instruction video will have you up and running in no time at all and hopefully get those creative juices flowing for your own handlings for this amazing addition to your mentalism toolkit. I recommend this very highly indeed as this won't stop at a simple PIN revelation once you've got your hands on it.

Steve Black

Absolutely love this !!! The teaching is fantastic and the effect very easy to perform . I can think of other ideas which is great. The gimmick is superbly constructed and the material ensures operation is smooth. Having PIN on the gimmick is NOT an issue for me. Highly recommended !

Danny Davis

This is just awesome, received Saturday used it on a gig that night. It’s a killer. I use the SAW for majority of my peeks, but the envelopes just look so colourful they draw their own attention from on lookers at the tables. The quality is frighteningly superb , but make sure you loosen the envelopes up as discribed on the download. I spent about 30 mins bedding them in and now it hits every time . Thank you Marc for putting this out there and Peters team for producing such a quality item, AGAIN

Phill Evans

I was introduced to this effect at the Marc Paul Academy and loved the idea. I immediately made up my own versions as demonstrated by Marc which worked really well. However, this pack takes it to the next level. The design, use of materials, etc makes the whole thing work perfectly. I can't believe how smooth the reveal is. If you did the academy and are wondering whether it's worth paying for these rather than making your own, I would say buy it. You won't get it working as well as this which gives you confidence in a performance situation. If PIN is new to you, all I'll say is 'do you want to convince people you can really read their minds with a method that virtually self working and hits every time?'

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