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 Abusing The System.

Pinnacle by Brian Caswell is far more than just one trick. It is a very clever system which will allow you to predict the outcome of three choices with 100% accuracy, 100% of the time.

Imagine for a moment you decide not to make your deck up with numbers but with names, locations, companies, movie stars, movies, food, songs, cars, cocktails, gifts, memories the list goes on and on.

Imagine the power of this prediction.

Pinnacle is a very clever system that can be abused to create magic and mindreading masterpieces.  

Pinnacle is the latest word on card and number effects.  Brian Caswell started the buzz with card and number effects many years ago with Trilogy.

Trilogy was a ground-breaking and best-selling effect. Pinnacle is a mixture of Trilogy and Brian’s other bestseller Cataclysm. Imagine showing a deck of cards. Each card has a number from 1-52 on the back.  Your spectator names 3 cards (there are no high-low or odd-even restrictions)  you remove the named cards from the deck and place them face up on the table. 

You now direct your spectator to a prediction you have made and the numbers on your prediction match the numbers on the back of the cards!

OK, so what’s new I hear you ask?  Well, get this, your prediction is in full view before you even start the effect. You can text it to your spectator, have it written on a business card, on a photo or even on your social media page, YES there is only ONE prediction!

Pinnacle really is the ultimate in this type of effect!

Pinnacle does not use R & S or sticky cards.  You are not secretly writing anything and there is absolutely no memory work or sleights required, the one thing it does use is some ingenious thinking from Brian.

I’ve been performing both Trilogy and Cataclysm for many years but Brian still managed to fool me with Pinnacle! 

As a bonus we also include the mind blowing booktest reveal by our good friend Moz!



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Customer Reviews

Bert Van Dyck

This is really ingenious thinking !!!!

Ross Warnett

Pinnacle is a good effect was a bit unsure when I 1st opened the box. But very good once you get started.

John Hicks

I'm a close-up magician that specializes in card magic and, as such, I'm a big fan of Brian Caswell. I often perform his The Fifth Card in my close-up shows. Pinnacle is another wonderful and ingenious Brian Caswell creation. It's a virtually impossible miracle when performed for laypersons and a real mystery when performed for other magicians. This is another absolute winner by Brian Caswell. Bravo, Brian, bravo!


his is obviously a one trick deck. Also you cannot repeat it for the same audience. It will be the same three numbers every time you do the trick. But you get to pick the numbers (and write them on the backs as part of the one-time setup). You must use the Phoenix deck that comes with it. You cannot use Bikes or other ordinary decks. But with those caveats, this is a pretty good trick. No slights. Easy to perform.

Dave Dulebohn

A bit similar to Trilogy and Cataclysm (two of my favorites), if you like Caswell's other effects you will like this one. Some prep involved, but only one time. Super easy to perform, I just recently received and I've gotten great reactions to this already. I'm not giving this 5 stars only because of the packaging. These flimsy cardboard boxes don't survive international mail too well. Either stronger or better reinforced mailers , plastic bag package or thicker packaging would be great! Still recommend this effect, though!

Ali Said Jamaleddine

I have been a fan of the original Trilogy by Brian Caswell. I have used it in all sorts of venues and it is still one of the best effects. And I still perform it to this date. When I saw the demo for Pinnacle, I loved the consistency of the process. Three cards name and that is it. It is only then that the focus is shifted to the numbers. This helped keep the focus where it supposed to be. Those familiar with Trilogy know that the some think of numbers and others think of cards which is still fine, but I prefer Pinnacle's approach. The fact that the numbers are forced is a great bonus and a great tool to help spark the creativity of the revelation. Again, in Trilogy, the revelation happens on the playing cards but in Pinnacle, it can be as grande as you want, as personal as you want, or as silly as you want. This flexibility is gold. As for the method, pure genius. Even familiar with Brian's effects before, I still got caught in the middle of backtracking prior to watching the tutorial video. It truly is GENIUS! And very easy to do. It may require a little more practice than say Trilogy to be comfortable with performing it smoothly, but nothing crazy. The reset cannot be easier which is a great asset for the walkaround performer. As for the package, not much to say than a deck of cards that is well made. The instructional video is straight and to the point. Peter takes his time explaining how to set the effect up (easy one time set up) and even goes into details about common mistakes people do. This shows that not only a lot of thought has gone into the effect and the teaching, but also the evolution from previous similar effects. I love this effect. I love how direct it is: "three freely named cards are predicted". I will say that this will now replace Trilogy in my working set. Great job Brian and the Alakazam team.

Fabrice Prin

The first time I watched the demo I said to me "Ok I think I can figure it out". Easy for the first card and maybe some sort of psychological force for the second, but wait ! there is 3 cards chosen ! So I watched a second then a third time... But no clue. With 2 cards it's easy to do, but 3... No way for me. So I bought the trick and waouh ! Very great thinking ! I was far away from the method !!! No sticky things, just cards and a little work because you will have to write the numbers. Once and for all . Next just learn how to perform the effect. For that the download, very well done, will teach you all you need to know, including the deck preparation. So, buy it and keep it in your pocket. You will have an anytime anywhere super cool trick to do if someone is asking you to do Magic ! A great investment for sure.

Michael Reist

Many Magic items sold today are way overpriced or are a complete waste of money. Happily pinnacle is an exception to this rule. It is well worth the money as it is an extremely powerful affect that is super easy to do. I owned Trilogy and love it, But I believe this will be my go to trick from now on. Get it. It is that good. You won’t regret it.

David Abel

I own both cataclysm and trilogy. The former of which I perform all the time at gigs to greet reactions. There’s a real connection with numbers and predictions from the audience. This fooled me. It’s a strong effect. Simple to understand. Clear instructions from Peter. Highly recommended and will definitely go into my act. The bonus ideas from Moz, thank you moz! Sent my head spinning with the possibilities into how you could expand on the routine. Just great.


This is a great effect and a step forward from most number on card effects. If you don't have any others like this, I would recommend this as your first venture. You are predicting 3 numbers here, but with other effects you can make this a combination of numbers and cards. I made my own version after Cataclysm which is the one I use the most, but after that it will be this version. I would like to see a bit more advice on the type of pen to use as my Trilogy Extreme deck got destroyed from using a thick sharpie (even after leaving it for a weekend to dry), something to think about. There are a lot of similar effects (Infallible, plus all of Brian's others!), this combines the best bits from a few of those and is a very good option for your numbers on card effects.

Richard Clements

The last effect I owned by Brian was cataclysm. Compared to that this is incredible! The instructions given by Peter are perfect and the effect itself is bulletproof! If you like card and number effects you’ll love this! 5/5


Years ago , I fooled the members of our local IBM ring with a trick I called ANY CARD AT a NUMBER (ACAaN) I continued to perform it for one person at a time in bars and party situations. I displayed a deck with numbers written on their backs claiming that my students had vandalized the deck. I asked my spectator to mentally think of their favorite card. I made a prediction and wrote it on a post-it pad and gave it to them faced down. I gave the spectator the deck faced up with instructions to find their card. To their surprise, my prediction was a number between 1 and 52 and when they turned over their card, my predicted number was on the back. To my surprise, Brian Caswell has created a version is 1000 times more powerful than what I had been performing, and very easy to perform. NO sleights, NO memory deck work, NO mental calculations, NO forcing, NO fishing, NO equivocation. 1. 1-3 different people can be asked to mentally select their favorite cards. FREE CHOICE 2. Your predictions will match their choices PERFECTLY every time. 3. Resets in seconds for additional performances. 4. Your prediction can be written on your business card for a souvenir they’ll never forget ! This is going into my MAGIC ATTACHE case and another in my pocket for bar hopping.

Dr. Michael Highton

Yet again an original effect from Caswell/Alakazam. Masterful thinking. These cards provide the opportunity to produce the ‘impossible ‘. They also provide the chance to use them in providing more options to Brian’s other effects. This effect would not be served by using it in a ‘table hopping ‘situation; I see it as a performance piece where it’s full impact is given suitable credit. I would like to see other ‘outs’ offered, for the sake of variety for those who need that security. I would certainly recommend this effect, bearing in mind the limitations of ‘the reveal’.

Alistair Brien

Just returned from doing a parlour show where I performed Pinnacle. Went down a storm with a great reaction. Does need a little bit of one time only preparation but once set up, following the very clear online instructions, ready to go and quick to reset. Easy to do, enabling you to concentrate on the presentation. Recommended!

Robert Sixx

Just received the cards yesterday, although I haven't opened them yet, I have viewed the video and am familiar with the cards. This is a good routine with a good and workable method that is easy to do. The one thing I would recommend is that this would also be available in a bonus (twin) pack so that you could have the ability to make or carry multiple predictions. Overall good effect!


An other great product by Brian and the alakazam team. I own Trilogy Extreme and Pinnacle is a variation on that. Parlor or close-up, no problem. Packs small plays big. You can fully focus on your presentation.

Bobo Deng

Please bear in mind that this is my first product review as part of the Alakazam review team, additionally, I never own Brian Caswell's other effects; this is the first. Finally, I'm a hobbyist magician not a professional; and with all these out of the way, lets get started... You'll receive a 'special' deck of Phoenix playing cards which personally, I'm quite dissapointed with the cards I received. Some cards are not cut straightly (a bit like someone cutted the card out using scissors) and some looked like teared (not cleanly cut out). However, this is NOT Alakazam's fault, it should be the manufacturer of the Phoenix playing card's. With all 'special' decks, you'll always face the limitation of the deck can't be shuffled nor examined by both you and the spectators. However, Alakazam provided a subtleties that allows you to convince the spectators that it's all randomly shuffled (additionally, if you're comfortable enough, I can't see why a false shuffle can't be added in at the beginning to further convince them). These cards are thinner than normal cards and they are even more noticeable if you used a normal deck to perform another effect. However, it can be overcome by saying a simple line like "this is a cheap deck that I bought to practice (insert the things you would be practicing with a deck of card that has numbers at the back, eg memorising deck) so queality is not up to standard and that's why they're super thin!" (this is taught in the explanation tutorial and I added some extra bits to that line that Peter said). I'm not a DIY person and this effect does require some DIY but they are simply writing numbers at the back of every single card and set it up (one time only provided that you don't drop the deck and mess up the order). It's not difficult, but it does require you to focus and take half an hour out to write the numbers on. Overall, I really like the effect of Pinnacle and it does really amazes laymen (with some basic audience management). I personally don't like the presentation of psychic mindreading type of presentation (the one that they teach in the explanation tutorial), but this trick really opens many many doors of creativeness that it can be altered into many different approach. And I'm sure that the Alakazam team will have more different approach/presentation that will be added into our account in the near future!

Roy Smith

After some very simple set up the effect is effortless and very very easy to perform giving a " get out of here" response from amazed and bemused audiences. Great for small groups. Pinnacle is such a simple idea, so simple it's taken a genius to create it. Slight negatives are the brand is not what most will have as a standard deck so this will need to be managed if performing other card magic and I'm not sure how robust the cards are so will need very careful handling and storing to ensure they last as long as possible.

Ken Powell

This is a nice effect which is very easy to perform and so allows you to concentrate on presentation. I'm enjoying using effects involving social media and phones at the moment so this is my preferred way to reveal the numbers. Another way is to text a message to the spectator telling them not to look at it until after the cards are selected. That's one way to get your phone number into their phone for bookings! The deck itself is superb - I have a couple of tricks using this kind of deck now and I think it is a creative masterpiece. I only wish it were bicycle stock though, but you can't have everything. My only real complaint is the need to write the numbers on yourself without being provided with a sharpie of some sort which will work. I had to spend a long time using my pen which worked but somehow contact with the playing cards would make it go funny unless I gave some breathing space before doing more - that caused long delay. Sometimes I had to go over numbers again to make them dark enough to use. I'm sure I used the wrong kind of pen - but that's the point. I really think this product should come with an appropriate pen provided (which you can ignore if you have your own pen you're comfortable using) so that you don't have the faff of making it up. It's a small gripe but a practical one.

Cody Whitten

I love this! I perform Cataclysm in all of my walk around gigs and it always impresses. Pinnacle is basically a streamlined routine of Cataclysm and allows the performer to make a prediction or even open prediction before the performance begins. I cannot see any reason why anyone would not like this. Oh, I performed this for the guys at the magic club and the look on their faces was priceless. Highly Recommended!

Matthias Nagel

He remains true to his line and has done it again. Trilogy, Cataclysm and now a new great Caswell effect that just blows the audience away. The first tests with friends and then the first time live, that really rocked. I'm definitely blown away. The package is worth every cent, you won't be disappointed.

Mick Wilson

Having read all the other reviews posted here, it’s hard to know what to say without simply repeating what’s already been said. The echoes that must be heard are, how superb this effect is, how simple yet powerful it is and props to Brian Casswell for really upping the ante on Cataclysm with Pinnacle. Like the others who have reviewed this, it immediately got my creative cogs turning. I’ll not go too in depth but ideas that Came immediately to mind were as follows: 1. I’ve created a method to Mozique’s book test to allow for the numbers to be used in any order to reveal a word from a book (owners of MOABT will have a field day with this). The beauty of the method is you can reveal the order of the numbers they chose as well as the word. 2. A combination lock number (previously mentioned above) but with an almost free choice of numbers if used on conjunction with an already marketed lock by Michael Murray 3. Using the numbers to create a date reveal after being calculated (a little bit of work to put in but worth the effort) I’d be prepared to make a new deck up for each wedding/birthday party I did with this idea. It’s worth the cost and effort as it makes a great memento for the person who’s event it is. I have a lot more ideas but those 3 are good for a start. In short, buy Pinnacle, it’s worth every penny and then some. As you can see from all the ideas posted in these reviews, it’s got more mileage than marathon runners trainer! SUPERB!

Shaun Mansfield

Before I start please bare in mind this is my first review, also I am big fan of Brian Casswell's thinking., Having used Cataclysm for sometime now and always getting great reactions. I jumped at the chance to purchase pre order version of Pinnacle. The video instructions, as always with Peter and Alakazam, are clear (I rewind all the time just to ensure I know I am following Peters instructions to the letter) They are of course well shot. Peter goes to great lengths to fully explain everything involved in setting up the deck or as I prefer customising your deck (you will need to write the numbers on the backs of the cards). Talking of the deck. If like me you have never used or seen the deck before, it does look and feel different. I had to do some minor changes to the handling in order to use it. That said I don't think you will be disappointed with the effect. Yes there is some memory work involved. However with a little practise, remember practise ? With a little thought and handling practise you have a great effect. I have already ordered a couple more decks to customise. If you are a fan of Brian's, you KNOW what you are getting is a real worker. If not check out his other releases on here, you really are missing out on some great thinking. Overall good value, for some clever thinking and a great effect.

Terry Tyson

Caswell has once again proven that he is not a normal person. The thinking behind Pinnacle is marvelous in the true sense of the word. Clearly, his mind is working at levels much higher than the rest of us. The effect is a jaw dropper for audiences and dead easy to execute. It is not a typical card trick (with no fancy sleights to do or show off) which might make it more palatable for mentalists who shy away from card tricks - it's about images ("the images in a deck of cards are common, easy to recognize and we have all a deck or two at home. I dare say that the images are unique to playing cards which make them very special...") and numbers! Reset is within seconds. Your prediction can be on the box, appear on Social Media, ("Folks, if you would be so kind as to visit my website and look at the upper most entry...etc.") You will need to write the numbers on the back of the cards yourself. Take your time and do it right. The writing will be in your own hand. The video instructions by Mr. Nardi are clear and concise. Easy to follow. I do suggest that you buy 2-3 more of the decks so that you can have different force numbers at your disposal. This would be great for repeat performances that may hold a few folks who saw you do it before. NOTE: I do not normally use Phoenix cards, but the explanation for this is simple - "These cards have numbers on them and I want to keep them separate from the cards I am about to use next...etc." if anyone makes mention of it. Highly recommended. It's a real worker and will delight audiences. Though it is easy to do, take some time to make sure you have the handling down perfectly. Don't screw up this wonderful effect.

Antony Povey

If you like Trilogy or Cataclysm then you will love Pinnacle. This is next level from the minds of Brian Caswell and Alakazam. Great instructional tutorial for set up coupled with a nice quality Phoenix deck. What I like is that there are many possibilities for your final reveal only limited by your imagination. You will get good spectator reactions with this. Definitely a must have.


He's done it again. Pinnacle is another great Caswell effect that blows the spectators minds just as bad as his previously effects. At first I didn't think it would be as good as Triology or Cataclysm but boy was I wrong. Fooled all my immediate magic friends and lay men! BUY NOW!


Brian Caswell does it again with a great variation on his theme with a quick hitting high impact trick. The one time set up is worth taking the time to do (about 20 mins) and you are easily guided through the process with an excellent explanatory video by Peter who also provides very clear directions for the method. The beauty of this trick is that the kicker ending can be revealed in so many different ways and is only limited by your imagination. I am not a worker but this would fit perfectly into a workers set whilst providing some high impact magic for the hobbyist. Highly recommended.

Malcolm Fairhurst

Another great easy to do jaw dropping miracle from the creative mind of Brian Caswell. A must have brilliant card trick I love it.

Sandy Wilson

Being a big fan of Inevitable by Brian Caswell, and having heard great things about both Trilogy and Cataclysm, I jumped at the chance to purchase Pinnacle, billed as being an evolution of those two effects. The video instructions, as always with Alakazam, are clear and well shot, Peter goes to great lengths to fully explain everything involved in setting up the deck (you will need to write the numbers on the backs of the cards), and its presentation. The beauty of Pinnacle is in the freedom of the revelation at the end – you could just have the prediction written on the back of the box, or you can let your imagination run wild and upload a picture or video prediction on to your favourite social network drawing people to your page, have a photograph in your wallet, or whatever else you can think of. From a practical point of view, while this is a one-effect deck, the effect is powerful, the routine highly flexible, and the reset is very quick and easy. There are no complicated sleights involved, so your attention can be on making the most of your presentation. The included demo of a book test reveal at the end hints at other possibilities to include this in a longer routine, not just a one off effect. There are no pipe dreams here – this is a well thought out and executed release, and comes highly recommended.

Pete Jones

Once I saw Brian Caswell's name attached to this routine , I knew it would be one to watch. Pinnacle is a great routine. Genius use of the Phoenix deck for this trick , The trade off with this trick , is , it is not repetitive within a small group , as it is always the same numbers. But don't let that put you off . The fact that your prediction of the three numbers can be revealed in so many ways and as spectacular as you want them to be revealed . . Makes this a great closer . I have Trilogy & Cataclysm , and Pinnacle makes a great addition to my set. Certainly worth the purchase. Well Done Brian , and Alakazam , for another great release.

Geoff Lucas

As soon as I knew Brian Caswell had brought out a new effect I wanted it. I was not disappointed in the least. An amazing easy to do worker. Lovely cards, lovely explanation and routines, powerful effect. You will carry this and use it, one time set up nicely explained by Mr. Nardi. Well done Brian and the Alakazam team. The end result will fry your spectators. Get this, use it and build a reputation. Five stars.

Andrew Meadows

This trick is brilliant, it takes the ideas and thinking behind Brian's other tricks and creates something even better. The advantage of Pinnacle is that the revelation can be in full view from the start, and the way the numbers are chosen is so fair. It opens up so many possibilities, why stick with numbers? You could predict words, names, places all in the fairest manner. Peter teaches the handling thoroughly and goes over every aspect of the set up. Yes you do have to set the deck up but this is a one off set up and doesn't take long, and it means that you can totally personalise the trick. The reset on the trick is as easy as putting 3 cards back in to the pack. If you own other tricks by Brian you won't be disappointed, and if this is the first time you have encounter the genius of Brian Caswell, you are in for a real treat.

William McGregor

This is a very clever way to predict /force a series of numbers. I used it to predict the combination of a padlock. Looking forward to coming up with other ways of using it. For table hopping I plan to have a couple of decks so I can predict different numbers.

Hugh Newsam

I am a big fan of Trilogy and now only use the latest version. I'll be adding Pinnacle to my list as I like that card & number plot. It also means that I can perform trilogy and Pinnacle at the same gig. I just tried it out of the family and it fried their brains... and they have seen Trilogy too! Its a worker and I believe will work, like trilogy does, in just about all situations... walk around, parlour and small venue audience stage show.

Garry Hadley

Having worked Brian’s effects in the real world I have to say this a must! Having the prediction on the table from the very start is great thinking and the spectators are stunned with the outcome, great work Brain and Alakazam.

Everrett Chavers

This is a beautiful effect. Props are perfect, an this principal has endless possibilities. You can predict dates, birth dates. Your only limited to your imagination. If you know what your doing you could predict a spectators lock code for there phone.


When I saw the demo, I knew I had an idea for a presentation, as long as the method allowed it. As soon as I saw the explanation, I was smiling Bryan Caswell has really outdone himself here. This deck allows you to force any 3 numbers in the cleanest way possible. It's perfect for what I wanted. It's just made it into my 'bride and groom's set for wedding performances, which is about as much praise as I can give to a routine!

Richard Groom

I love Brian Caswell's thinking, this seems a totally impossible effect and yet is very straightforward to do. The quality of the props is excellent. The best thing for me is that this has endless presentational possibilities...force a word in a book, reveal a 6 digit phone number, predict a time, select a date that matches the date on the back of an old photograph someone is get the picture...this can be an effect on its own or part of a larger routine, done for one person or involve a group. You are limited only by your imagination.

Andy Stone

Some really clever thinking has gone into this and the props are good quality. The handling is simple and clean and you require only minimal audience management to ensure 3 suitable cards are named. I note you can buy the necessary to make a customised version for a particular show at minimal cost and the principle is open to other presentations. A minor niggle is that everything you need isn’t in the box. You also need a broad tipped permanent marker, but overall an excellent effect.

Danny Marsh

Now I am a self confessed fan of Brian Caswell's effect Trilogy, especially Trilogy Extreme. It is simply put my favourite ever Alakazam release. I have a stage chair effect version as well as strolling close up. So damn versatile. I was intrigued to see what has been added. Simply put freedom. If you put some real thought into this before you set it up you have an incredibly powerful effect that could be stand alone or part of a massive punch of magic. You can reveal a personal date, time of birth, lock number. Simply put buy this. Really consider before you set up your reveal and you could have something that is magically sensational. However damn, damn, damn easy. Trilogy extreme you have been surpassed my friend. Bravo.

Sam L

I love this effect. It's a prediction / Force method that is very very devious. The deck cannot be examined by the audience, but with the handling provided in the tuition, there would be no suspicion in the mind of the audience member what so ever. It is so unbelievably fair! No moves, no riffles. You ask them to think of a card, they do.. they can change their mind as much as they like... they could even change their mind at the last minute... and your prediction matches! The real fun is thinking of the ways in which to reveal the prediction, it's limitless. Wonderful thinking, good quality props. It has gone straight into my parlour show! it could be played big on stage also, and would equally work well in walk around.

Lars Hansen

This looks really good.Cool effect. This will go straight into my repertoire.Nice.

Vladimir Zerebnji

Hi Pinnacle by Brian.C I'm thrilled about the product it's very easy to show and set up is done in 30 seconds. ich bin begeistert vom Produkt es ist Sehr leicht zu vorführen und set up ist in 30 Sekunden erledigt It is recommended that cards be kept close together.during looking for selected karts the version where you explain that man wrote a prediction on the back of the card game before you start with Trick I find most viewers impressed. The show works best with three viewers Es wird empfohlen, Karten Nah zusammen zu halten wen mann nach der suche an gewählten Karten ist.. die Version, in der man erklärt das mann auf der Rückseite vom Kartenspiel eine Vorhersage aufgeschrieben hat bevor du mit Trick anfegst finde ich beeindruckt die meisten Zuschauer die Vorführung klappt am besten mit drei Zuschauer in a short time comes a version of me where man 4 cards can predict See you Vlado Germany in kürze kommt einer Version von mir, wo mann 4 Karten Vorhersagen kann Bis dann Vlado Deutschland

Nicolas Cheng

Having owned and worked Brian's previous effects I can say this is easily the most streamlined and well thought out of them. It is also simple to do and hence allows for a strong focus on presentation. I have no doubt that any performer will find great success with this effect. Highly recommended!

David Williams

Pinnacle by: Brian Caswell I have a love/hate relationship with any magic effect that includes playing cards. I either love them as much as I like tea and cake (which is HUGE) or I get quickly bored by them. For a card trick to be added to my show, it has to be better than good, it has to have something special. Since maybe 70% of what I do falls under the genre of mentalism, Pinnacle by Brian Caswell had that special appeal for me. I really liked the overall effect and so I decided to give it a go and off went my order to Alakazam. I was not disappointed. So, what arrived through the post? A well packaged deck of Phoenix playing cards that require some attention before you can perform the trick. By this I mean that you have to handwrite the numbers onto the back of the cards yourself. Personally, I don’t see this as a negative. I would much rather have handwritten numbers than perfect printed numbers. It makes the deck look way more kosher and of course allows you to choose your own force numbers and I think this is a big advantage over having a pre-printed deck. Just pay attention to what you are doing when you write your numbers and you will have no problems at all. It really is not that difficult. Is it easy to do? Could not be easier so long as you remember of couple of very simple things about the setup of the deck. There are no sleights and nothing for you to worry about, leaving you free to concentrate solely on your performance. What about audience reaction? I have now performed this with a few magician buddies and a few of my “Test Muggles” and the reaction has always been really cool. I have to say that I don’t like writing the prediction onto the card case. I have always placed the prediction in a sealed envelope and handed it to the spectator before I even take the deck out of my pocket. This way the card case is beyond suspicion and the attention is drawn to the envelope at the end of the routine. It also means that I can show both sides of the card box before taking out the cards. Is it worth the money? YES totally. This is money well spent. You will not be disappointed and I am sure that you will use it often in your performances. I REALLY like the way this can be used as a book test, which is shown in the instruction video. The instruction video is extremely high quality and covers the set up and performance really well. Dave Williams

Mark Call

Simple and mind blowing! Very easy to preform w/ easy to follow instruction videos. FAST RESET in seconds! What I like BEST is you can use your imagination on how to do the 3 numbers reveal! Simply BRILLIANT!

Steve Black

This represents some lovely thinking by Brian and Alakazam. There is an easy one time set up of the deck. The effect is simple to perform leaving lots of opportunities for different presentations.I love this type of idea and am not bothered by carrying a gaffed deck for a one off trick.The instructions are clear and concise as usual. Highly recommended !!!

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