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Pocket Daydream By Harry Nardi Instant Download

Pocket Daydream By Harry Nardi Instant Download
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Imagine having a deck shuffled. Your spectator chooses any four cards. They mix these cards and place them face down in a line on the table.  Now while your back is turn they pick up any one and remember the card. 

All four cards are now placed in your pocket and one by one (without your spectator giving you any clues or even muttering a single word you eliminate three of the cards from your pocket).

It leaves just one card left in your pocket which they can remove and yes it’s the thought of card!


Things to remember

This can be done with any borrowed and shuffled deck

There is zero set up

There is no memory work

There are no marks

There are no peeks

It’s instantly repeatable

Pocket Daydream is a true impromptu killer!

This will become your go to impromptu card effect!

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Customer Reviews

Azlan Raj

Excellent trick, especially for the price. Simple but very fooling. Nice tips on performing and really well explained by Harry.

Tony Middleton

great to watch Harry doing a cleaver trick, well worth the small money paid

Neil Colley

Top job Harry ! , initially it fooled me v nice effect well worth a punt at that price . Good one to have in the arsenal for sure . Look forward to trying this one out as soon as I can . Some good tips in there aswell

Carl Hines

Amazing effect the video is shot really well with all the instruction you need and a few little subtleties to make it have even more wow factor, I've only performed it to my family because of the lockdown but can't wait to get some reactions from others


A very nice effect, simple to understand, not to many instructions for the spectator, clear performance, a very good 'impact' at the end. Harry's tutorial is clear and to the point, a pleasure to listen and learn from. Thank you!

Horst Paffen

There's no question, the trick is good. It honors the young man to cite Tarbell Course Lesson 34, Trick 1 as his source. I also have to agree with him that his reduction from 5 to 4 cards is well thought out and indeed an improvement over the old trick version. The price for a rediscovered trick alone is more from our time. I hope that the young man will at least get a not too small share of it, which I begrudge him from the bottom of my heart.

Tom Rolfe

Well constructed effect and routine that Harry teaches you in 15 minutes. Easily performed using a borrowed deck so can be completely impromptu. Great first release for Harry.

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