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Available in poker or pro size

POISON is without doubt Nikolas’s finest creation to date.  

This effect packs so many punches your spectator will feel like they’ve stepped in the ring with Mike Tyson!

The reveals in POISON build and build to highlight an awesome kicker ending they will never see coming!

The POISON deck has been beautifully design and printed to look just like something you would buy in a quirky gift shop. 

Poison may be performed on 1-4 spectators and is perfect for close up, parlor or even Zoom.

POISON is super simple to perform and also comes with the custom cards for a bunch of additional effects Including a great wild card effect called Happy Hour, A fun Monte style effect with a kicker ending and a special card for PATEO style effects.

We Also include a bonus handle for the POISON routine that is perfect if you own the Infinity Wine effect.

POISON is much more than just an effect, it’s a magic set!

Each Pack Includes

Custom printed Pick A Drink Box

All the cards to perform the Poison routine

4 X Blank faced predictions cards (to write your own prediction in your own language)

Cards for Happy Hour

Cards for Drink Monte

Bonus PATEO card

Full Video Instructions 

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Customer Reviews

Horst M. Paffen

Poison by Nikolas Mavresi is a decidedly entertaining feat. After the fourfold match between the colors of color cards and drinks, the trick seems to be over. But then it goes on blow by blow with four predictions, becoming more and more surprising, with the familiar climax at the end. Peter Nardi performs the trick skillfully as always. But here lies a serious problem for sales. Because this video is not one of the frequent low-information trailers, but shows everything, it is not difficult - at least for someone who invents tricks himself - to recognize the modus operandi. Since my native language is German, I had a corresponding deck printed with graphics from the Internet and German texts. Sorry, Peter! By the way, with Poison there are no problems with the translation from English into German, because WINE and WEIN contain the same letters. Only the order of the drinks has to be changed.

Andrew Ace

SOLID 5 STARS! Nichola's has done it again with his 4/5th effect with Alakazam. I have picked up every one of them; This trick is TOTALLY self working. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to ALL Mentalists/ Magicians. I like the regular version of performing though there are a bunch of bonus ideas too. Peter Nardi walks you through the 45 min approx download with Nichola's. This is a one of a kind effect you wont catch anywhere else. Order yours today! Thank you Alakazam & Nick for making these brilliant work of art :) - Andrew

Stephen Weeks

This effect has everything I look for in a magic trick, great production, easy to do fully examinable, and great theme! The Color Monte was a complete surprise and this version blows away the original which I have done for years. Using Paul Gordon's Head to Head Poker with the cards is also fantastic. Keep up the good Work

Bob Hand

The one and only Alakazam have done it again. This is an absolutely amazing effect and I still find it baffling even though I know the secret. Anyone out there that doesn’t have this effect, you really do need to add this to your set before we are allowed back out to gigs. I cannot praise this enough and once again, thank you so much Peter and team for yet another absolute classic.

Phil Austini

Congratulations the Alakazam team, monster creations & magic hats off to the Greek wizard Nikolas M. Poison is truly a magical work of art...loosely based on Gemini Twins but so much more. The best thing you could do to cheer your self up in these 'weird 'times is to get Poison & amaze your self & families/friends. CHEERS.

Johnathon Breckin

Wow Nikolas's done it again and this could be finest creation yet, The poison deck is more then a deck of cards it's a utility deck where the only limitations and possibilities are from how creative and how you deliver the effects When I first had chance to see this effect I said that this could be the trick if the year and if this was released at Blackpool magic Convention it would hands down of been the trick of the convention.

Wayne Goodman

This is more than just a magic trick, it is a complete act in a box, with multiple routines and cards that are visually stunning you are getting a whole lot of magic for the cost of a deck of cards. I cannot wait to perform this, I have already chosen 3 of the routines to really hone first and know that many many more will soon be added too. this is really a no brainer and I expect this to be the release of the year

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