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Available in poker or pro size

POISON is without doubt Nikolas’s finest creation to date.  

This effect has so many punches your spectator will feel like they’ve stepped in the ring with Mike Tyson!

The reveals in POISON build and build to highlight an awesome kicker ending they will never see coming!

The POISON deck has been beautifully design and printed to look just like something you would buy in a quirky gift shop. 

Poison may be performed on 1-4 spectators and is perfect for close up, parlor or even Zoom.

POISON is super simple to perform and also comes with the custom cards for a bunch of additional effects Including a great wild card effect called Happy Hour, A fun Monte style effect with a kicker ending and a special card for PATEO style effects.

We Also include a bonus handle for the POISON routine that is perfect if you own the Infinity Wine effect.

POISON is much more than just an effect, it’s a magic set!

Each Pack Includes

Custom printed Pick A Drink Box

All the cards to perform the Poison routine

4 X Blank faced predictions cards (to write your own prediction in your own language)

Cards for Happy Hour

Cards for Drink Monte

Bonus PATEO card

Full Video Instructions 

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Customer Reviews

Kieran Harmon

I love this trick so much. So many reveals that build really nicely. Been using this every zoom show and will continue doing so. Can't wait for live shows so l can do Poison live. The final reveal is worth the price of the trick alone. Highly recommended

Ian Rowberry

I really like this. I bought it on the strength of the final kicker. Looks great in Pro size. I tried it on my kids, 16 and 21 they usually see through most effects but their mouths dropped on the final reveal

Jeffrey Warren Park

Although, I will probably never use "POISON BY NIKOLAS MAVRESIS" as is, (I don't drink, nor do I promote drinking, 'just my personal preference), I DO see a lot of potential for the included routines. For example, I can easily see this translated into a Tarot card routine, (which I think could potentially be far more powerful). With a little imagination, beyond the local pub, there appears to be quite a bit you can do with this!!! And, for that reason, I will definitely be purchasing this!!!

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