PREP Spiral Bound by Anthony Hawkins

PREP Spiral Bound by Anthony Hawkins

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Here is what Timon Krause said about PREP after buying a copy:

"Hi Tony, just received your book - I'm absolutely delighted with it! It's exactly as simply as I hoped it would be (and that's a compliment: in this case, simplicity equals elegance). There is absolutely no fluff here and I genuinely felt like I got something out of every other sentence you wrote. Love what you did with the system, love the ways it's analysed, love how it's not trying to be an effect, love the practicability, love how simple and straightforward the process is. My compliments! Thanks for sharing this.”

Do you give Readings? Tarot? Palmistry? Perform a Q&A act?

Would you like to know information about your audience members?


Then you need a copy of ‘PREP’ - the Pre Reading Peek.


Anthony is of Irish lineage and has been giving Readings since 1977. During his career in the Metropolitan Police he was known as ‘The Psychic Policeman’. Many people still think of him as such. Anthony served in the Metropolitan Police, including a posting on 2 Unit SPG, and subsequently worked as an Advocate.


Anthony’s book is based on a 30 year career interviewing people, both suspects, witnesses and also cross examining in Magistrates’ Courts, as well as performing and giving Readings.


PREP shares one of his innovative and versatile methods of obtaining both a character analysis and other, often personal information. It also provides a very neat method of passing your business card on in a manner that will ensure that it is shared and not forgotten, which ought to produce future bookings.


Working Mentalists Mick Wilson, Luca Volpe, Timon Krause, and Paul Voodini use and endorse it. Mick Wilson has contributed a review which is in the book, and Luca Volpe calls it ‘Fantastic’.


Available in both hardback and spiral bound editions.

"This is a pre-reading utility for private 1 to 1 readings. It is not a complete system in its own right but I think it has more power than Anthony gives it credit for (he’s a very modest fellow). This system is not for beginners, it is more suited to intermediate and above. Anthony presents this as a ‘getting to know you’ style of pre-reading that allows you to learn a lot about the sitter without being intrusive. The structure itself, along with your skills as a reader encourage the sitter to open up which in turn gives them an insight into the reading procedure. Most importantly for me, I see it helping to relax the sitter due to its interactive nature as well as break down any barriers of nervousness or concern. At the end of the pre-reading the spectator is left with a memento of the occasion which contains all the information about the result of the pre-reading. Anthony has included a brief history of the origins of PREP as well as some key points about readings and his approach to them. On top of that there is a series of examples at the end of the pdf to guide you through all the permutations of the outcomes. Above all else, the whole piece has been inspirational and I can see me using this as well as adapting it to use in various scenarios. I hope it inspires all who purchase it as much as it has me. Excellent work Anthony, I look forward eagerly to your next release sir.”

Mick Wilson


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