PRISON DECK by Joao Miranda

PRISON DECK by Joao Miranda

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"I don't only love PRISON DECK, but I will use it for sure. As with all of João's creations, the PRISON DECK secret is very, very, clever." 
- Dani DaOrtiz 

PRISON DECK is one of the best utility props to come along in years! It is so versatile, it can be used in a multitude of different ways to match your style of magic. 

From comedy to mind control, PRISON DECK will always be ready to go. 

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Customer Reviews

Dr. Anton Nova

A unbelievable F/X that will be so unexpected it is almost illegal. The PRISON DECK by Joao Miranda is one fantastic piece of magic. A super way to end any card routine with class and mystery. This is so well made and I have added it 2 my close-up set. I have added on addition by having a spectator remove the cards for me and do a few tricks and then have the cards returned and when somone asks for one more trick I say " I CAN NOT, THE DECK IS Imprisoned / LOCKED and AFTER THEY FAIL 2 REMOVE THE DECK I tap the case and one card falls to the table a previously selected card that says on the back GET OUT OF JAIL FREE . Just my addition 2 killer gimmick that plays big.

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