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Paul Harris Twilight Angels Full Deck


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Twilight Angels is Paul Harris' all time favorite effect from TA. This classic PH Astonishment is finally available with a full deck of 52 different you can give away a different value card every time you do Twilight Angels!

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Customer Reviews

Stephen Ward
This is probably one the strolling effects that i perform the most and to have these as a full deck refill is excellent. The deck comes with a download link with instructions in case you do not know the effect.

The cards are lovely quality and make a great giveaway for when you are performing. There is enough refills here to last a good number of gigs.
Steven Holt
This is a great deck of cards for being able to do Paul Harris's classic Twilight Angels.

I used to have the original trick with the written instructions with the 2 gimmicked cards I ended up losing. The trick always got great reactions from people, and they can examine the card until their hearts content.

There's nothing to find with this trick, and you can even give the gimmicked card away as a souvenir.

To be able to perform this trick it's as simple as they come, with great reactions for having to do so little work. That's the way I like my magic now. Why make life complicated.

I won't be losing any more Angel cards again as I have a full deck of these now. Not unless I lose the deck.

If people haven't checked this trick out before, it's an oldie but a goldie.


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