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2 Day Complete Course With Marc Spelmann Instant Download

2 Day Complete Course With Marc Spelmann Instant Download

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Customer Reviews

Phil Macleod

Marc just comes across as a true gent sharing the art he loves. The videos are so long with so many great effects, great explanations, insights into mentalism and the business and then just so many giggles. I personally love the academy format and structure and this is one of the best. a really well put together couple of days easy to follow which flows brilliantly. i can only imagine what the outtakes were !

Olaf Schäfer

I had much joy with these relaxed and exellent presentations

Jason Dicks

My first Academy and it certainly won’t be my last. Marc gave us some real gold over the 2 days, not just with the effects taught but also his thoughts & tips on marketing & performing. Also there were some VERY funny moments which I hope make it into the final edit. Well done to all involved

Dean Humpage

10 hours of spellers in my account this is the way forward to learning,well done team what a cracking 2 nights,not sure if david should have been out so late think he fell asleep poor lad thanks again for a truly awesome time .Dean.

Rob Scott

It was my complete pleasure to be part of Marc's acadamy course. The amount of information given for each effect made it so simple to follow along to. Marc is a complete gentleman both on and of screen and loves his art which carries across in his lecture. If you missed this then you should be ķicking yourself as the course is worth so much more that the price charged. I for one will use a lot of the effects taught in the lecture. Marc you are a legend sir!! Thank you again on behalf of everyone that was a part of this lecture from audience members to student.

Alexander Ross

Marc's second night course was even better than the First! Did not think it would be BUT it was! Brilliant!!! Thank you.

Dean Humpage

Day 2 of this amazing academy course this has goto be the best way to learn with everything covered from the bold mechanics to fine details that make it real .brilliant entertainment and education well done A team

Bart Nijs

This was one of the best mentalism lectures I have seen to date! Thank you so much.

Neil Bird

What a great evening. Explained well, easy to do mentalism, that will blow the spectators minds ! The Alakazam format works for me ! The live feeds work well and the camera angles are brilliant.

Steve Black

Great fun, fantastic mentalism,. Have learnt soooooooo much!! The Academies just get better and better. Well done guys !!!!

Fred Bert

Some clever, simple real-world effects that can instantly go into your repertoire. I'm getting lots of ideas to tweak some of my material. Course is thorough and features lots of great tips.

Richard Weston

Well the first half of this 2 day course ended with, what I feel and hope that everyone else involved feels, was not only a brilliant source of knowledge but also a really fun and crazy night. Who would have thought that underneath the mysterious shell of Mr. Spelmann was Leo Smetsers twin!!!! Peter and Marc in the same room is not for the faint hearted. The course is outstanding and I have to take my hat off again for an amazing choice of an Academy teacher. We must also must not forget H, Sarah and Jamie for their quick action with cattle prods to keep things moving on. Seriously, mentalists, magicians or just people who like Ant and Dec a bit, sign up for this course and you will not be one off the many who regret not doing so. Bring on tonight, more, more and then some.

Thom Chesser

Joined the evening late, arrived in time to see Marc's Prize routine. Great stage or parlour routine and it's even better than the original. The new thinking on the method is excellent, Marc's presentation was superb and seeing the subtleties MARVELLOUS. WIsh I'd been able to see all the chat from the viewers. What I read was full of great ideas and tips. Sign up now! Looking forward to the Mark Paul Academy lecture too.

Lindsey John Mcdowell

Been a big fan of Marcs since the original 4 DVD set come out all them years ago, so when I see this course pop up I didn't hesitate to book my place. I wasn't sure what to expect because it's also the first time I've seen an online academy course but after experiencing the magic,laughs and banter going on in the studio it definitely will not be my last. The magic as expected from Marc is first class and to see the updated versions from some of the originals from the 4 dvd set was a treat, some are unrecognizable from the original versions and it was great to see how Marc's mind works and how he has developed and transformed each effect. One of the most important aspects of the course in my opinion was the subtleties and invaluable information about pricing and how to approach bookings. Exceptional course.

Richard Groom

Love watching a Pro talk at length about subtleties and nuance. A worker who really enjoys the format. Great tricks and great banter.

Alexander Ross

Very good to watch the live performances and descriptive discussions. Some of the tricks / illusions on their own are worth the cosy of the coarse alone, and this is written on the first night of the two. The discussion group is also interesting and throws up some good questions and advice itself!

Joel Clyne

Alakazam have done it again! This is only my second academy lecture and it is outstanding. Marc is one of my all time favourite performers and to have 2 nights of live lectures from him is brilliant. The lectures are well structured and being live with the ability to ask and discuss the content as it happens is great as further explanations can be given if required. With Peter hosting and being a good friend of Marcs the explanations as well as being informative are fun and entertaining with them being able to play off each other. The first lecture is based on his brilliant 4 disk release several years ago with updated handling and methods, The second days is new material. As its live with not obvious time constraint the lectures can really delve into detail. Highly recommended lectures as are the other Academy lectures

Alun Gunstone

This is Marc at his cheeky best! He is charismatic, energetic and informative. The routines have been streamlined form the original DVDs and feel totally different, but it is his overall insight into magic which has been invaluable. Its been so much fun I forgot was learning magic.

Mick Wilson

Well, the Academy has done it's job yet again. What starts as a set educational path digresses into a hotbed of insanely valuable advice and top tips as well as the magic/mentalism. A super relaxed atmosphere as expected with Messers Nardi and Spelmann at the helm, but it makes for a superb Academy class. The effects are powerful yet simple to construct and perform with the bonus of being totally customisable. I always like classes/lectures that make me think and fire up the creative process in my wee Geordie brain and this one has certainly done that. 1 and half classes to go and my mind is on fire with ideas. 10 outta 10 yet again!

Brian Stewart

I have attended most of the Academy courses so far and they have all been fantastic and all of them have been different which is great. Marc Spellman's Academy is no different - getting an insight into mentalism has been a revelation for me. Marc has also discussed booking gigs and negotiating prices - all great stuff. Really looking forward to part two. As usual the production values from Alakazam have been amazing, keep up the good work. If you haven't tried one of the Academy courses then you really should.

Paul Richardson

Wow! This lecture was pure gold with every minute filled with great effects and advice for budding mentalists whether you are an hobbyist or a seasoned professional. Marc is a great teacher/lecturer who shared so much information and experience in an easy to understand/humorous manner. Absolutely amazing, thank you Marc and the Alakazam academy team . Top mar(c)ks.

Terry Tyson

I’m only halfway into the first day and as in past Academy courses, I am overwhelmed. Marc’s effects are solid, commercial and no doubt FUN to perform. Already, I’ve found an effect that will go into my act in the next month or two…and this is just from the beginning of the course! As with the other courses I’ve taken, the VALUE of the planned material is surpassed by the ideas and nuances shared during the explanations and chat. There is so much to learn and take in; I will watch this course many times to mine it all. If you can join the live event, that’s the best. The chat between students is fun and you gather even more information. If you can’t, then you’ll have the opportunity to watch it over and over again after it’s posted to your account. Thanks to all of the Alakazam team for putting these courses on. It’s the best material at an incredibly low cost. Folks, if you’re not taking advantage of these courses, it’s your loss, my friends. Maintain course and speed, Alakazam.

Craig Leonard

As per everything Marc has put out, great material explained clearly but with the added hints and tips that you get from the Academy setting. This is written during the first of the two day course, but even now it is clear that the Academy is a bargain!

Lester Heady

Hi Marc, Feeling very moist right now! Just love your lecture! Your approach to mentalism, method and presentation says it all. All good wishes, massive hugs. Can we have more!

Lester Heady

Hi Marc, Feeling very moist right now! Just love your lecture! Your approach to mentalism, method and presentation says it all. All good wishes, massive hugs. Can we have more!

Lester Heady

Hi Marc, Feeling very moist right now! Just love your lecture! Your approach to mentalism, method and presentation says it all. All good wishes, massive hugs. Can we have more!

Scott Clark

What an amazing course, He freely and happy talked about whatever people asked. Only done two tricks but lot and lots of inside knowledge. I did see him a few years back at a works do, so I know what he can do. I had to sign up as soon as the course was live. The first 2 hours have been worth the cost, and there is still more to come.

Steve Smith

Another great session from the Academy. Marc and Peter give so much information in addition to the performances and explanations. This is shaping up to be a marathon as the teaching is going in so many directions. Something for everyone here.

Anthony Wighton

Marc Spelmann, This course is MIND BLOWING! Only half way through and already got my monies worth. Marc covers everything in great detail and so clearly. Can't wait for the rest of the course. Top marks as always. Thanks Peter for inspiring me to get back into a life long love affair with MAGIC. 500 out of 100 stars!!


Love Marc's work, I bought the Chapters set back when they came out years back. I have enjoyed his work ever since. This Academy two day session I have been looking forward to. Marc has evolved and it's interesting to see how some of the material has been refined. Keep up the great work. People but this two day course before you can't. Bravo Marc and Alakazam for making these courses happen.

Russ Appleby

These courses are such great value for money especially when viewed live with the chat facility. You really feel part of the Alakazam family, they’re very informative, you can help people in the chat. I’ve learned that Marc Spelmann can talk forever without breaking for air & that I’m not the only one with a love of double entendre.

Ian Schollar

Marc has so much experience. I've really enjoyed the discussions about being a performer and particularly the business side of performing. He has been very generous sharing his own experiences. I've loved the ideas that he has given us for Mentalism and each of the performances he has gone through in detail but given tips to make each of them our own. Thanks Marc.

Russell Allen

Fantastic course and a perfect example of what the academy has to offer. Not only does Marc explain some brilliant tricks in a clear and entertaining manor, but also with the help of the Alakazam team, he answers all the questions coming in, offering tips and advice along the way - a fully interactive experience! Superb!

Neil Bird

This is so right for me at this point in time, when planning on going out to get bookings in the coming months. Marc talks about the business of magic and shares his experience of handling customer expectations and pricing strategies. Great Academy session.

Simon Cafferty

This is the course I was looking forward to the most and it is delivering above and beyond. One thing you know with Marc is that he is a naturally funny guy but throw in his side kick Mr Nardi and you have comedy and ideas galore. Marc goes above and beyond with his teaching and breaks down everything for you. It is real workable material for any mentalist and gives you good food for thought. Even on the business side, Marc gives valuable tips which will help with marketing and getting yourself booked. If you want workable and fun mentalism, get this course. At £34.99 it is a steal.


Really enjoying tonight's lecture. Not only is Marc showing and explaining some excellent workable material but giving an insight into the business side of our craft.

Philip Coulson

WOW WOW WOW! Amazing course full of insider information for professionals and budding amateur magicians alike. Great effects taught in Marc's witty style with in-depth and easy to follow explanations. Fabulous camera angles also give great views of any 'sneaky moves'. Can't wait for the second part of tonight and day 2 tomorrow!!

Steve Lobley

Wow, Marc really has hit the ground running. Awesome routines with loads of hints and tips peppered throughout. Still more tonight and another evening tomorrow. What value! Team Alakazam are leading the way...

Dean Humpage

Superb tuition this evening you can't fault the team the work that must go in to these academys must be intense love the gags thank you so much for a great evening dean james .

Scott Paton

great information about starting out. nice effects so far but looking forward to chair test. good fun and nice to watch when you have been feeling unwell.

Steve Black

I love mentalism !! Marc is a true artist. I love the tips and ideas. Am absolutely sure that everyone will learn the art of presentation and stage craft. The effects taught are excellent and will definitely be adding variations to my repertoire. Just wish I could be as relaxed and confident as Marc !!!

Mark Call

What can I say... it's SPELLMAN and he shared so much AWESOMENESS. This course was such great EDU-TAINMENT as Marc has a way of keeping you laughing all while TEACHING some BRILLIANT EFFECTS. I was shocked at the EASE of some of these effects, yet, they look difficult and pack a punch. Lets' face it... Spellman and Nardi are just PURE BRILLIANCE! IF Marc does another academy... CLICK BUY asap... one you truly do NOT want to miss!

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