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Alakazam Live Coffee Mug

Alakazam Live Coffee Mug

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Grab Your Alakazam Live Mug and join us for a cuppa every Tuesday (over on our Facebook channel) 

This beautiful Coffee Mug has the eye catching Alakazam Live logo on both side and is colour coordinated with red inside and a red handle.

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Customer Reviews

Derek Avalon

This is a must buy and I cannot recommend it highly enough. My magician friend gave me this mug after winning it in a live competition. Fortunately for me, it was on a day that my wife had threatened to leave me because "you don't care about me because you never bring me a cup of tea". However, this mug inspired me to brew a cup of Yorkshire's finest for her. This is a mug that packs small but plays big. It held the scalding liquid with ease and the handle made light work of carrying it around the house. The printed image has a one-way design, so this leaves you with plenty of options for routine development. Once the beverage inside is consumed, you are left clean and the mug can be freely inspected. Reset takes a minute or so; probably about as long as it takes a kettle to boil, so this isn't an item I would necessarily recommend for table-hopping.

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