Alakazam Vlog 28th Sept 2018 (Featuring Sven-pad Supreme, Elimination Experiment and SYNCHRONICITY by Collectors Workshop)

Alakazam Vlog 28th Sept 2018 (Featuring Sven-pad Supreme, Elimination Experiment and SYNCHRONICITY by Collectors Workshop)

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Join Dave Loosley and Peter Nardi as they demonstrate some brand new magic in to the shop.

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Customer Reviews

Peter Armitage

Great Vlog, Love the Boxes by Viking Magic. These have got my attention. Would be great to do around a small gathering. Good job guys.

Eddie Hewitt

Brilliant Vlog guys - cheers! A great mixture of effects and performances (live and videos). Also, nice to see more of the SvenPad Ultimate Edition - NOW I’m interested!

Antony Povey

Just like the Lives, the Vlogs are full of positivity, happiness, friendship, family and magic. Thankyou for the continued positive vibes Alakazam team.

Philip Kite

Good show!

Cockney Sean

This weeks reviews were great this is what we want the demenstations of the magic tricks by the very best Dave & Peter taking through each item now we can make a informed decision that becomes more easy to make if you live nr by the store its no issue but when buying online its far more hard especially watching the demos from the inventors and sellers with Peter & Dave its far more easy to make that choice Best magic shop in the uk and i have tried them all i don't always say alakazam are 100 % but boy they try

Andrew Metcalfe

Thank you guys. I'm just home from work as I work abroad months at a time and had to wait a long time to get my hands on my first order that's been sat waiting for me at home. I'm new to magic and loving your vlogs Love to see more beginners easy tricks but with powerful outcome. Wish I had started this years ago to learn magic as loving it now and your videos. Nearly 49y now but never too old too start something New Shall make a day trip to come and visit our shop. Really looking to next vlog and to learn more. Would be nice to learn a small free trick a weekly magic Friday All best Andrew

Doug Heath

Yet another vlog, I'm loving it. Keep 'em coming guys. Best wishes to Dave and Bea on your forthcoming marriage.Have a great day and a happy life together.


There's a saying, "A little bit of information is a dangerous thing." That is what came into my mind when I saw the Svenpad Ultimate Edition. Not that anyone would suspect the principle to be used in a pad, but even if someone used to do magic as a hobby, it would seem impossible that you would be able to reveal so much different information. Very cool!


Over many years I have found it better to invest in a product of good Quality rather than cheaper thingys.

Simon Cartwright

Really good VLOG again. The Sven Pad has inspired me to try out some mentalism, especially as it can potentially create 15 mins of routine. Thanks guys

Craig Morris

great review again and so nice to see the tricks performed by yourselves as well as the demo vids so you can see how it really plays. keep up the vlogs


Love the VLOGS! BTW: Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, Dave!

Terry Tyson

Great to meet you all. I hope that Jamie and a few others will be able to fund uses for the sample books and pendulums. The Sven Pad Supreme is likely the best product in their entire line. Bar none. I have immediate uses for it at 2-3 gigs, including a large industry conference being held at Disneyland. I will write a longer review of it when I get home in the states. Cheers and hugs to all Terry Tyson Insight Services and Presentations

Philip Carlisle

Super Vlog loved the boxes want a set

Philip Bynorth

I really like the Vlogs as I can't watch the lives. Like the look of sven pad extreme and the elimination experiment

Bobo Deng

Love this week's vlog with all the latest magic product reviews, seriously considering buying elimination experiment! I especially love the special reviews like (mentalism special, wallet special etc), they are such a great help!

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