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Pro £1 1p Coin unique

Pro £1 1p Coin unique

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*Please note this is the old style £1 coin

 Alakazam Magic are proud to present the £1/1p Coin Unique.
Each unit is painstakingly engineering by hand and is perfect in every way!

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Customer Reviews

Darren Bane

One of the best quality props/gimmicks I have seen. Very well made, withstands close scrutiny, and is superb value for money.

Matt Brooks

I very recently purchased this in person from the store, I have peformed the penny through the card into the glass routine many times with great ease. The product is of extreme quality and can withstand close scrutiny after a performance. I am very happy I purchased this, and as long as the currency doesn't change to Euro, I'm sure I will be using this for many years to come.

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