Andys Book Review Peter Nardi Interview

Andys Book Review Peter Nardi Interview

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Andy's special guest in this episode is the marvellous Peter Nardi. Join them as they chat about the value in magic books, some personal insights and their thoughts on Psychological Subtleties 1,2 and 3 by Banacheck and the amazing Books of Wonder.

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Customer Reviews

Neil Bird

Great point made referring to photographs / print as being a permanent reference for years to come. Also the point made about instant impulse purchases costing as much as a book for one trick only, whereas a book has many effects to learn for the same money. I love my library of books. I daren;t tell my wifey how much I paid for them. :-) Brilliant Book Corner Vlog Andy, thank you for discussing this topic.

Steve Black

I really look forward to these reviews because I love books. This was the best yet !!! Peter and Andy have so much knowledge and experience to impart. It was a fascinating discussion. Well done guys and keep them coming !!!!

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