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Andys Book Review Self Working and Semi Automatic Card Tricks

Andys Book Review Self Working and Semi Automatic Card Tricks

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Join Andy this week as he discusses self working and semi-automatic card trick books including The Card College Light series, recommendations for Steve Beam and Simon Aronson books and performs TNT by Juan Tamariz from Card College Light with Dave and Harry.

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Customer Reviews

Eamon Doohan

I am enjoying andys book review. Books for me are still my favourite learning medium. This particular review has inspired me to go and get the card college light books.


Roberto Giobbi´s books are excellent. The newer card books are the starting place for anyone interested in Card Magic.Maybe Andy will Review These as well. The first Light booklet was issued in 1988.These were soft covered and wriiten in German.My copy I obtained from Roberto also in 1988 and later added the other two. The not blind or stupid Card effect is very strong and not to be dismissed.

Steve Black

This was another great book corner. I admit that i love self-working/semi automatic effects but had not heard of the these books. I am learning sleights but as Andy says a good self worker can look fantastic and as an average lay person is not aware of process they look like professional routines. Only September but I know what I want for Christmas !!!

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