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A new trio of modern, cutting-edge magic from one of the UK's underground performers.
Ben Cardall has the unique ability to combine a very individual performance style with a creative intelligence that allows him to come up with routines, methods and ideas that can work for a variety of performing styles.
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Customer Reviews


me and my buddies found this guy on youtube on loved his work. i bought from ben directly and am so happy i did. These books are amazing. The effects take up most of my act and i am getting booked a lot just recently so i owe all thanks to these books. Hope to see more from this guy soon. top f*****g notch!

Dave Crispin

I bought all 3 volumes of BENzine directly from Ben a while back and I think they are fantastic. For very little money you will receive some super strong effects which are taught well. I can highly recommend them. My favourite has to be volume two (I use muscle destruction all the time) but there is definitely something for everyone in all three. I feel Ben's work will be worth watching out for!!

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