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The Secret is out: our decks are, without a doubt, the greatest marked decks ever made. Seen from an incredible distance with just a quick glance, without ever confusing one card for another - these are a card workers dream.

Our Red Launch Edition is widely regarded as the first deck from The Expert Playing Card Company to surpass USPCC quality.  A crowning achievement for their years of hard work.  Our Second Edition matches that stock exactly.

Smooth but controlled, buttery but snappy, with the softest of edges right out of the box: they are a pleasure to handle- and especially faro.

The thinnest white lined border ever printed surrounding a vintage diamond pattern, the back design is the most unassuming and minimal possible.

Modelled after the very rare "Inverted Jenny" stamp, our tuck box is classic, elegant, and simple.  Prized for containing a misprinted upside down plane, the Inverted Jenny shows that sometimes there is great value which others cannot see.

The deck includes standard faces, a familiar feeling Ace of Spades, and 2 brand new identical jokers.

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Customer Reviews

Nearly gave them 5 stars but I'm not going to retire my DMC Elite Rouges just yet.

Brooklyn deck pros:

1. Good price

2. The cards handle very well

3. The backs don't look suspicious and have a white border

4. The markings are almost undetectable

Brooklyn deck cons:

1. Exactly as I just said - the markings are almost undetectable. The suits are fine but the values will require some practice.

2. The card case is a bit cheap looking (but you could always house them in a Bee case)

3. I don't like the Joker design - I think it signals that they are magician's cards and no one needs any heat on their deck

IMHO a mentalist would probably give them 5 stars because they are good quality cards that can be read at quite a way away. It's weird but I find them easier to read at 6 feet distance than when they are in my own hands. (And what use does a mentalist have for Jokers anyway?)

On a scale of reading difficulty I would put them between a DMC deck (falling off a log) and a Butterfly deck (quite challenging for someone with my eyesight - but beautifully made and you can do whole load of things with them that most other marked decks can't achieve).

So overall a fine deck for the right situation.


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