Birthday Detector By Chris Hare

Birthday Detector By Chris Hare

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Chris Hares Birthday Detector is a fantastic prop that allows you to take the diary effect to the ultimate level.
Chris's Birthday Detector is easy to do and may be instantly repeated !
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Customer Reviews

Geoff Bairstow

This is a bit of a hit & miss affair, it's not reliable enough for me to use. Chris Hare even mentions that if you miss then you can use your Invisible Deck as a back up? ( I do not want to take this chance so I have removed the cord ) I intend to use it with the Cypher app after revealing their birthday, then let them look in the diary at the card on their birthday & introduce the I.Deck which they have been holding from the start.

Philip Jenkins

Alakazam give it a difficulty rating of 2/5 but I feel this is misleading. The method is extremely knacky and takes some getting used. If you can get the knack then it's a good trick.

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