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A Lifetime of Magical Inventions by Bob Ostin

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This fantastic cram packed book from Bob Ostin will have you learning tricks which simply seem impossible!
Wonderful value for money..
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**Comes with a FREE streaming video of Peter Nardi's Really Twisted based on Bob's Twisted Twins Effect!

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Customer Reviews

Alan Lycett
Thanks for instant dispatch
Really glad I purchased the book, had the book
a few days now and have already got my
moneys worth.
As mentioned in the blog there are loads and
loads of effects some that appeal to me, some don`t, which you would expect.

Big thank you to Peter/Dave for the time they took to explain their handling of twisted
twins. The basic trick you can learn in about
5 minutes and from this you can work out
Peter`s handling, but even so they went above and beyond with a 16/17 minute
instructional to show all the nuances of
the effect and along the way make it a
very good and entertaining piece of magic.

Very pleased with my purchase and even
though I have only skimmed the surface
of the book, so fa, have learnt 6 effects and
will learn quite a few more along the way.

A very nice book indeed, easy to understand
and very useful.
Steve Black
This is a superb book with some great ideas and it will suit all abilities. The v blog was as usual truthful,and honest! Peter and Dave do the book justice and if have not got it yet. GET IT !!!!!
Great book nice show enjoyed the magic the Houdini trick would be great if made with the police men and a photo of harry Houdini I would even buy one plus the dice trick was very good would buy that too great fun and magic keep up the good work Dave & Peter
Andy smith
Some real gems in this book for sure. A lovely read which leaves you with a smashingly warm feeling that the words are from someone who truly loves his craft and the wonder of small, clever intricacies and subtleties. A delight to dip into or binge read this is a book you will come back to again and again for inspiration and just for the joy of reading. Get it... Get it now.... Before it's too late... Which it might very well be when yo read this


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