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Cartomancy By Peter Nardi


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Cartomancy is the art of telling fortunes with playing cards. This method of giving readings has been used for hundreds of years and is still used to this day. In fact some people still believe that a single playing card holds the key to their luck and can influence their future.
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Customer Reviews

This is the first review and I'm shure not to be the first who bought this trick , so please write reviews!
This effect by Peter Nardi is brilliant!! You get a long explanation with diffrent methods on the dvd, you get these scratch card, which are beatifully made and you get a force deck. The trick is in a way so clean and so impossible, the people just get crazy. This product is really worth the money, and it is a good effect for close up and bar magic, or just for family and friends..!!
Bill Richards
I love this effect, and I carry it everywhere. All you need is a wallet to carry around your scratch-cards, and you are good to go!

Do it with a borrowed deck, I think that this makes the effect even stronger.
Darren Bane
In a word: Wow. Just a few short minutes after watching the DVD, I performed this effortlessly and effectively to a suitably awestruck audience - and I am a total novice. If you are not confident about using the Koran Deck force (which is fully explained), then Peter presents a number of alternatives (I used the method of creating four piles of cards, purely because it means no duplicate cards are required at all, so the deck itself is totally examinable afterwards, which only enhances the impact of the magic, in my view - and certainly worked wonders with my audience as I offered them the deck. Superb!
chris lomas
I used this the other day. Gave out the scratch card a few weeks before then did my reveal. Amazing!! Great reactions. Superb trick


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