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Coin Unique Pro £2 50p


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Alakazam Magic are proud to present Peter Nardiís coin Unique Pro. They said it could not be done but after many months of design and numerous prototypes Alakazam Magic are proud to offer you the most deceptive Coin Unique ever! 

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Customer Reviews

Brian Egerton
Bought 2 of these now they are that good. Well made and fantastic service. Might be worth buying a magnetic 50p at the same time.
Johnathan Horn
An awsome coin very well made,i use this all the time!
Slides together nicely in THEIR hands without any issues,and the shape of the 50p throws them off completely
Anthony Chapman
Excellent quality item from Alakazam, It's very fun to use and looks great. I think I'll get the 10p20p one next.

Martin McAfee
Brilliant carry mine on me all the time. Amazing trick and so easy to do with any skill level. Making the amateur magician look professional. Just make sure you don't end up spending it for real. Excellent quality coin. 👍
Gary Brown
Got my coins today; how good are they? Before I looked a bit further, I actually thought the 50p had been left out of my package, that's how deceptive and well made this gimmick is. Outstanding.
Bob Hand
I have the £2 / 50p and its every bit as good as they say. World class product from a world class company.
Richard Groom
Unbelievably good quality, the best of this type of coin I have ever seen.


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