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Cover The Spot Ian Kendall


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Finally the complete kit is available to perform this classic Bunco game.

Ian Kendall has recorded a detailed DVD lesson on how to play and this comes complete with the tough plastic discs needed.

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Customer Reviews

Alan Lycett
Once again big thank you to Alakazam for superb service as usual
COVER THE RED SPOTt arrived around 10.00 am
and both my wife and I tried on and off until
2 pm to try and solve the problem, must have tried 100 times between us and we were not successful once
We finally gave in
and watched the DVD for the solution.

Ian teaches you the effect in a nice relaxed manner and shows you all the
nuances you need to know. You can
virtually lay down 3 or 4 of the discs in the correct way for the spectator and yet they will still fail.

Well made and should last forever with care, nice compact size and you can
easily carry around with you.

This is a fantastic Bunco type effect
had it 2 days now and can easily
hit 99 per cent of the time, Ian also
shows you ways to correct any little mistake
you may make along the way.

Best 20 I have spent in a long time and
should be priced higher.

One last comment when it arrived my wife said this should be quite easy to do, I am sure if we had no instruction we would
still be trying now, or maybe it would have been thrown in the
bin as an impossibility
Easy when you know how but like all good things needs practise

Alan Lycett


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