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Featuring the incredible, unique, Optical Marking system, the new DMC ELITES: ROUGE Marked Deck is the fifth signature deck produced by Sovereign Playing Cards for elite British magician Drummond Money-Coutts. Each deck has been a collaboration between DMC (star of TV special Card Shark and 2015's Nat Geo series DMC Beyond Magic) and designer Phill Smith (Penguin lecturer), combining their perfectionism and creativity to create a unique series of incredible decks. With a brace of serious improvements and upgrades on previous versions, the DMC ELITES: ROUGE Marked Deck is, quite simply, the best deck Sovereign has ever produced. 

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Customer Reviews

Dean Humpage
Yep for those whos eyes are slightly failing or even if you like a drink while performing you can still see the markings and yet no one else can,i even sent a friend a photo to his iphone to inspect he had it on his phone 2 weeks before i told him it was the jack of clubs then he instantly seen it and laughed very nice classy box,i have the first version so the new card stock version should be sweet.
Stephen Lovering
I use these cards all the time, they are with me everywhere I go, as soon as you open them up it will take 1 min to master these cards, they are the best marked cards ,
Bert Van Dyck
This rouge version is even better than the first version . The DMC court cards are now changed back into normal court cards. And the markings for the 10 have been changed so you can't confuse them anymore for the Queen cards !
Stephen Beresford
The Black Elites finish was an important improvement over the original black DMC cards.

Now the Rouge Elites take the improvement process onwards - excellent handling finish, standard red King faces and better Jokers (with a 2H reveal on one that was dropped for some reason from the Black Elites I bought).

There's also a card that shows how to read them for those who don't know the system and a card with a short history of the DMC deck.

All I am waiting for is a DMC Rouge Elite gaff deck - please!
Darren Bane
This deck arrived today, and it's awesome. It handles like a dream; my one difficulty with the black DMC deck I have is that I would sometimes misread a Queen as a 10 and vice versa - that's sorted now in an eXtremely efficient way! The jokers are better. THIS, for me, is the ultimate marked deck..
John Kubiszewski
WOW great Marked Deck and I have used many. I can use this deck without reading spectacles and from at least 4 feet distance.... The cards are of quality fabrication and smooth to use... These are the best I have had over the last 40 years.
steven justice
thanks Alakazam for these fantastic cards. the quality is bang on and the marking system is out of this world. very easy to read when you know what to look for.
Rob Jacks
I have been playing with these card for a couple of weeks now and I find them the best marked deck on the market. At first I thought that using a non Bicycle deck would create suspicions but there are so many new funky decks out there that this seems to be just one of those. Nobody has noticed anything suspicious. The deck even allows riffling without giving the secret away. I have come up with a routine that normally would require some kind of stack. Not with this deck. Anyway, great deck great service
Chris Fisanick
If you eyesight isn't the best--like mine--these are THE. BEST. MARKED. CARDS. EVER. Seriously. Everyone else who has reviewed them is telling the truth. The design is amazing. You can read them at a distance without reading glasses. What are you waiting for?
Leslie Lawrenson
Just, this morning, taken delivery of my deck of Elites. Straight out of the box, the marking system is a breeze to learn. The 6s and 9s are a little tricky, but I suspect that they'll become easier to read with practice. The cards, themselves, are silky smooth and wonderful to handle; so much so that I probably won't want them touched by the spectators' dirty mitts! Well worth the financial outlay.
This deck is amazing! The marked system is very smart and very easy to check !

Don't search an other marked deck, buy this one ;)


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