Decoy DVD and gimmick by Theory 11

Decoy DVD and gimmick by Theory 11
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The most visual and deceptive diminishing deck ever conceived.

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Customer Reviews

Ben Houghton

This trick is excellent and I picked it up at Blackpool convention and I must say this and light speed have been my two favourite purchases of the convention it is that good! *****

Lewis Richardson

I really like decoy it is brilliant I now know have a diminishing deck to a spectator's named suit with no flicking through the pack and palming I am going to work this at every opportunity I get I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THIS seriously this is better than humbug by Angelo Carbone because no force not red/ blue bike backs only any deck except decks with no white border and not poker sized . why is this taken sooo long to have a diminishing deck when blaine was doing this on tv on his real or magic special back in 2013 anyway summary in 3 words . just buy it 1000/1000 however you only get 1 gimmick but I would of liked 2 or three

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