Detection Bags By Leo Smetsers

Detection Bags By Leo Smetsers

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Leo Smetsers has created a beautiful close up version of a classic Maurice Fogel effect. 

Totally Ideal for any close up situation but not only that these will play equally as good on stage!

Imagine, while your back is turned four spectators each pick a different flavoured sweet and pop it into a bag.  The bags are mixed and handed to you one at a time, upon removing the sweet from the bag you can instantly give it to the spectator who selected it.  Not only is this type of effect totally amazing to your spectators but it’s fun to perform and leaves them with a sweet souvenir!

In your pack you will get 4 leather effect bags that are small enough to fit in your inside pocket and a streaming video packed with routine ideas!

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Customer Reviews

Steve Sibson

Love these bags so many uses for these I find Leo's range is quality I'm happy with these .

Geoff Lucas

Very pleased with my purchase of detection bags. The plus signs for me are they are very visual in a nice bright red, easy to carry and very nice material. The download shows a routine with four bags, where as you actually get five. You could do a routine with three if wanted. I particularly like the use of the bags with wedding rings, especially when you show the last bag has no ring in it! ( I will be producing a key from this bag). This key fits into a lock in Leo's Tea chest or The Vault and inside will'of course be the last ring. It is very easy to do, no real brain busting memory work either. Plenty of scope for stage, Parlour, Close up and you can use business cards, money, personal items , sweets etc. Even kids will like this, especially the sweet version. Recommended.

Steve Black

I bought this purely on the basis the routines were by Leo and Peter Nardi and the download does explain some excellent ideas. However, the method is so simple I have come with some of my own within minutes.The bags are well made and fit superbly into a jacket pocket. The price represents fantastic value.There is an opportunity for comedy or a serious mentalism set.Leo explains how they can used for stage as well as close up. I love simple but clever ideas and this fits the bill. Is suitable for beginners. Recommended !

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