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Dice Man by Andy Nyman


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"I was completely fooled."
-Derren Brown

"It's a killer. You know those tricks you have in the back of a drawer? This is the opposite."
-David Regal
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Customer Reviews

Matthew Pomeroy
One of the strongest items I have ever purchased-so strong and direct!
Ray Doetjes
The art work of this new release of diceman is so nice it really is a treat for the eyes and a it remains a treat for the people to see what you could've or should I say should've statistically done to them.
An absolute killer effect it has been when it was released and this reissue has reignited my interest for this effect.
Gary Scott
Although this is a re-release of an effect from a few years back, this has a few minuses compared to the original. I prefer the old artwork and the orientation of the the new print means that you have to hold the cards in your right hand to cover the number and dice on the top card. Original is oriented to the left to hold in your left hand.Seeing as the majority of people are right handed, i can only assume this was a mis-print? Also the case the cards come in does not have the Diceman logo printed on it. This release feels like a dumb-downed or mis-printed version of the original. Strong effect. Very strong indeed, but the quality of the product doesn't match the original so I have to give it 3/5 stars.
philip jenkins
This is a great trick which is really easy to do. My only gripe is 22 for a single trick pony is a bit steep. Better to buy the Get Nyman DVD set. Three discs for 35 and this trick is included.
Matt Shaw
This is awesome! Really easy to perform and just like Killer Elite Pro from Andy Nyman, you can have a LOT of fun with this. Find a routine that works for you or use the ones taught to you on the dvd. All I would say is you don't want the spectator to over-inspect the cards, but on a glance, this seems impossible! I really like this trick!


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