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E.S.Perfect The Project by Peter Nardi


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E.S.Perfect has been a best selling packet ESP effect for well over 6 years! On this DVD Peter Nardi teaches his full routine including all the tips, ideas & subtleties that has help put this effect into the working repertoire of many professional performers!
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Customer Reviews

In my opinion one of the best mentalist effects ever!!! The explanations are so good on the dvd, and you really can concentrate on the perfomance, it is nearly self working. It is a must have together with the heirloom bonus pack. (by the way: Buy heirloom, the wallet and the bonus pack) With the e.s. perfect trick in combination with heirloom (bonuspack is required) you even get a huuuuge killer effect. You perform e.s. perfect and the heirloom and the spectators just will run away!!!
Barry Gage
Bloody marvellous little trick! For your £17.99 you get a dvd featuring numerous versions of how to vary this effect and a little wallet containing everything you need to perform it. Very little to remember, sleight of hand is minimal, almost non-exisitent and it fits neatly into your pocket, ready-to-go for any impromptu performance when anyone asks you to show them 'something' Well done Mr Nardi!!!
This one is a real gem - especially when you have a double hit.
I use a Ghost Busters plot because many people know ESP cards from the opening sequence of this movie.
It's pretty amazing how ESP cards immediately draw people in because they find those cards a little eerie.
Terry Strong
Yet another brilliant effect from Peter Nardi! Only bought it recently, but I have performed this many times already and each time amazed my spectators! It kills them dead and they have no idea how it’s done. It’s very easy to do and as Mr Nardi would say “You will be doing it 10 minutes after you open it”.
The DVD comes with a few more routines based on the same method – each one is excellent! If you are thinking of buying it, go ahead and do it – you won’t regret it!
This is top draw magic/mentalism.great for walk around,very strong easy to do knock out material.Strongly recommended.

paul morley
great packet trick hits hard great reactions i will always carry it around with me well done peter
First off I'm very new to magic, or as Daniel Madison likes to call it "deception" and over a relatively short period of time I've built up a cupboard full of, whats the word ??? junk, well this WONT be going anywhere near the junk cupboard.

Killer effect and simple to do.

Highly recommended.
joshua cox
I have bought magic from all over the world & I remain very happy with alakazam & peter nardy. Best customer service & over all by far the best I have bought from so far.
Tony Razzano
I have been using this effect for several years. It is top notch. Easy to do.It will take a little practice but anything worthwhile does . If you run through it a few times can do this the same day you get it. Carry it in your shirt pocket.I highly recommend this!
Giles Saunders
Priceless effects. This is such a great DVD showing how the same principle can be applied to various situations. I can automatically see how I can use this with some rabbit cards I have for kids close up. The last performance shows how nutty Mr Nardi and Mr Spelmann are together. Great banter!
david mcallister
Another 5 Star trick from Peter Nardi what I call a KISS it trick "Keeping It So Simple " .
Stephen Beresford
Great concept! Please see my comments on Brian Caswell's Inevitable for thoughts on how these two brilliant effects can be combined.


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