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Eliminator by Adrian Sullivan


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This effect has been shared with only a select few in the past, and has fooled many a seasoned professional! This is one of those killer routines that has been kept secret for some time. You will be blown away by the cleanness and impossibilityof the effect and also it's simplicity! We are very glad Adrian has allowed us to release it to the magic fraternity.
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Customer Reviews

This is one of the best tricks i bought from alakazam!!!You can show the cards, free selections, they put it back when you don't look, and you know wich cards they took from the beginning.....Buy this!!!!!!!
Excellent trick but you CANNOT show the cards at the start of the trick as stated by the guy who reviewed this first!
I wouldn't even show the cards at the end for any long period of time either.
The only way you can show the cards at the start is by dribbling the cards, table spreading is a NO NO.
gary pearce
OMG this looks too simple to work ..yet leaves peple dumbfounded, does what it says on the tin , the memory routine with the DVD is strong as well , well worth buying .
chris campling
just recieved this it is very easy and very quick to learn defently recommend it to anyone Brilliant
Dazza B
Let's not split hairs here, guys. In the minds of the spectators, you DO show the cards at the start by dribbling them - the illusion is that it's a randomly shuffled deck of all different cards. And at the end you can show the deck, as Peter explains a very simple and effective deck switch. Excellent trick, excellent effect. Watched DVD once and was able to perform a version to my usual "test audience" straight away to jaw=dropping disbelief!
Dean humpage
I show the cards to be normal by simply explaining "everytime we make a cut into the deck it produces a different card " as you or the spectator cuts the deck 3 or 4 times,then i ask them to watch all the different cards as i riffle down the deck....doing this shows doubles but at high speed looks normal and yep a deck switch is so easy when your putting the deck in your pocket for the reveal the reactions are great


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