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Expansion BLUE by Daniel Bryan and Dave Loosley


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"Expansion is like a cartoon which has come to life, and just like in the cartoons the spectators' eyes will pop out witnessing it! Love it"! Gary Jones

Daniel Bryan, Dave Loosley and Rob Bromley have joined forces to bring you this super visual, totally eye-popping and 100% commercial effect!

Expansion has to be seen to be believed, it really is an absolute perfect close up effect.

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Customer Reviews

OMG!!! This is so good! Something you'll always want to carry around with you.

I held back on this to see some reviews, and I've not found any negative comments. So I bought it and I'm so pleased I did.

It's everything you've heard and more.

I bought the red gimmick and I'm going to buy the blue one too.

Seriously, don't hesitate in getting this. The visuals are amazing.
Rick Erdman
First, let me say that I love the idea of the trick itself and the effect is visual and amazing. Dave Loosely's approach of using the trick as a bar bet is a great set-up. As I said, the effect is amazing, however I had issues with the gimmick itself. The problem centered around the flick to re-set the gimmick. In particular, the gimmick would not re-align itself properly. This happened twice and although the supplier provided excellent service in replacing the gimmicks, it is troubling since they were made by Rob Gromley who by all accounts is a master at making card gimmicks. Still in all I like the effect and will give it another try with the replacement gimmick. I followed Dave's instructions on the DVD, but I would appreciate any additional handling information you can provide.


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