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FREAK By Full 52


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Dave Forrest presents 'FREAK'. 

When a torn photograph of a murder victim restores in the hands of your participant...

When that victim was correctly intuited, merely thought of, from three potential victims...

When that photo then changes in a truly disturbing way...
They can only do one thing...FREAK!

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Customer Reviews

Andrew Ace
I just ordered "FREAK" yesterday evening when David replied to me. Although I did not purchase directly from Alakazam, I am a frequent Alakazam customer and thought it would be nice to help with your decision in purchasing this effect.

This is truly for the storyteller bizarre magician, not for the faint of heart & is including three AMAZING principles To get the name right of the person EVERY time (you could even customize it and have a different person for each time you wanted to if you make some more props (which PDFS are included and they are freakier than any PDFs as you scroll through them haha) Then it is a card principle old school of a Torn & Restored effect that is SELF WORKING back to the only photo that is NOT cut in half like the way bodies used to be cut in half, Finally when the spectator turns over the photo in their hand, a brilliant "Color Changing" technique - in this case it is a PHOTO changing/ morphing technique applied. The system that Dave made for knowing which card they chose is soooooooo stealth like and no heat at all. You'll be fooled & I thought I knew how the majority of this worked once the video was released - on the link* and never knew how he got the name each time, but is simply brilliant.

Check it out today, Highly, highly recommended - instant half hour download instruction, PDF's and await for the props! BUY FREAK TODAY @ !
Thank you Dave Forrest, Alakazam &
Full 52 Productions
Steve Black
In the correct setting/atmosphere this is superb!! It is VERY easy to do and the principles involved make this look like a miracle. The teaching is well shot and easy to follow. You are also provided with Dave's script and the ability to download the art work if you want to enlarge etc. The price represents fantastic value. Highly recommended !!!
Les Lawrenson
Took delivery of this on Saturday morning. When you open the package from Alakazam, you have to go to Dave's website and "buy" it by entering a code that reduces the price to zero, and then you have to wait for Dave to send you a link to a download area so that you can get your hands on the all-important video instructions. For some reason, the link wouldn't post to my email address. I emailed Dave for help and, that same day, we managed to work our way around the problem. I cannot fault the service. Great support, not just from Alakazam, but from Dave Forrest!

As for the effect, there is a bit of arts and crafts involved before you can get up and running, but Dave (on the instructional video) takes you through the entire process, and it really is something that anyone can do. If you do screw up (and you really should not), Dave supplies you with a link to the necessary materials so that you can make as many reprints or the photos as you like.

I tried the effect out on my eldest son, this evening (Sunday) in a restaurant, at the end of a meal. By the time I got to the killer reveal, my son was hiding his face with his spare hand, too afraid to turn over the photo! I'm a story-teller, so this type of effect is one that I love to do.

Dave provides you with a very chilling tale that provides superb motivation for both the props and the necessary moves, and this is an effect that you can readily embellish as the mood takes you. The effect is as good as Heirloom, which I also love to perform.

I'm going to explore Dave's "5 for 6 pieces" technique, which he utilises for this effect, as I think there is some more mileage in it for other effects.

Highly recommended, especially at this price.
Tony Quenten
This has become my sort of 'signature' effect. At a recent gig for students I was requested to do something spooky for a couple of audience members. I took them to a quiet place and performed FREAK.....They screamed so loud that some came to see what had happened. You see reactions to effects on trailers that seem staged....This was one of those reactions....but genuine....I only wished I filmed it....An excellent easy to do effect....Well worth purchasing if you like the unusual...My script to the effect is different from the given's the script that can emphasize the effect.


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