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FUNdamentalism Book by Kieron Kirkland


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Kieron Kirkland, a UK mentalist who's consulted for TV, worked as a stagehand for Derren Brown and performed everywhere from Shakespeare's Globe theatre to the Arctic Circle has put together an exciting, innovative new book.  

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Customer Reviews

Steve Black
I love mentalism and this has some interesting and quirky ideas.It is inevitable in a book with several routines that not all will suit your style but it is definitely worth the price and am sure there will be something for most mentalists.The writing style is fun and easy to follow.
Jacob Smith
Mentalism can be such a snore...

It's beautiful, fascinating and so emotionally powerful!

The only issue is... the wrong context, it's a total snore.

I've struggled with this and sometimes still do when attempting to beat a very dull, but powerful mentalism routine into a killer ovation worthy presentation.

Enter Kieron Kirkland...

His presentation are straightforward, powerful and HILARIOUS!

I can imagine Kieron being the kind of guy that I would definitely buy a round for out at the local bar or pub!

Anyways, let me save your eyes some strain and here is my comprehensive review of Kieron's Fun Da Mentalism!!
Steve Drury
FUNdamentalism is brilliant! A handy pocket-size book, with oodles of practical content! Yes, there’s an emphasis on FUN, but this book is about how to achieve that with devilishly diabolical effects, mixed with some sage perspectives. The book will leave you smiling, and your mind racing!


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