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Gold Dust Live By Paul Gordon Limited Edition


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In this beautifully produced, shot and packaged limited edition deluxe collectors set not only will you master nearly 40 of Paulís killer card effects but the DVDs are also packed with great advice and tips gained throughout Paulís many years of performing.  As a special bonus The Limited Edition Set also comes complete with the gimmicks to perform three of Paulís favourite marketed creations! 

**Please note this set is limited to only 1,000 units. Once these have sold out the set will only be available in a standard library case and will not include the packet tricks (the tricks will however be available to purchase separately)   

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Customer Reviews

I ordered gold dust and can not wait to receive this product l am starting to turkey about this product can not wait cheers kenny
Steve Black
This is not just 'Gold Dust' but a whole gold mine of superb material,tips and ideas.The DVDs are well shot and edited and for someone relatively new to magic Paul Gordon's material is fresh and exciting! The fact that gimmicks are included makes the project fantastic value. My congratulations to Mr Gordon and the Alakazam team for another superb product !!!!!
Stephen Beresford
Cracking value.
Gary Brown
People - this really is outstanding. if you haven't bought this already, I really do urge you to do so. A brilliant set, and extremely good value for money. There are so many subtleties to be learn. There's also a great interview with Paul to be enjoyed!
Dean Humpage
Firstly id like to add that recently ive invested in enough alakazam products these last few years to pay peters mortgage on the premises, but if i was to save just one of my dvds from my magic collection in a house fire it would have to be paul gordons gold dust, the reason is 1 pack of ordinary playing cards and pauls gold dust is enough to travel the world with and make a living,beautifully packaged product for a collector like me thank you .
Dean Humpage
Firstly id like to add that recently ive invested in enough alakazam products these last few years to pay peters mortgage on the premises, but if i was to save just one of my dvds from my magic collection in a house fire it would have to be paul gordons gold dust, the reason is 1 pack of ordinary playing cards and pauls gold dust is enough to travel the world with and make a living,beautifully packaged product for a collector like me thank you .Dean james.
Don White
Paul Gordon is a brilliant entertaining card magician. Very funny, warm, engaging and kick ass magic. His Gold Dust books are the best in the business. Gold Dust Live 3-DVD box set is the best, too. 37 worker card tricks. Great!
Steven Holt
This is my favourite set of DVDs it bought this year. So much usable material on this set it'll take you a while working through them. My favourites on the set are Head to Head Poker & Killer OMG. If you can do basic card slights, then you'll be able to do the magic on these DVDs. I've watched them twice already. Recommend.
Larry Pits
Paul Gordon is my fav card magician because he's fun, fast, engaging and effin good. His Gold Dust books and DVDs are bril. Gold Dust Live is a must get. So much great magic. No padding. No filler. Just strong card magic. Nardster has done a great job as well. Nice one son.
Jim Lutz
I have been through about half the material on these DVD's and the stuff is not's platinum!!!! Wonderfully routines that I am adding to my walkaround gigs as well as formal shows. Paul Gordon is a master teacher and leaves nothing out. Paul, thanks for sharing your craft with us. Jim Lutz
Sam Hinch
This 4 DVD set is full of workable & powerful material for all types of performers! Walkaround, table, parlour, there's something on here for you! Some of the effects feel a little bit like fillers, but overall it's hard hitting material. Highly recommended!
Dave Thomas
The routines are excellent, but what really sets these DVDs apart is the quality and breadth of the explanations.

If great teaching is about firing your imagination and then giving you the tools to turn those ideas into reality, Paul Gordon is not only a peerless magician, he might just be one of the best teachers of the art as well.
I can only echo what others have said worth the money is a gold mine of real world magic.
Guy Holdsworth
Mr. Gordon is the best. These dvds rock. Awesome tricks and brilliant teaching. Loving the interview also. So good I got the books as well and they are fantastic. I first saw Mr. G perform at Blackpool. He was surrounded where the other stands were empty. Great moment.
Giles Saunders
I've just finished watching all 3 disks and I was hooked from the very first trick. This is without doubt the best DVD on card magic I've ever purchased. When Paul says anyone can do his magic he really means it and I know I will use many of his routines from these disks.
The explanations are thorough and clear and the overall quality of the filming superb.
I really enjoyed the interview with Peter so I would urge anyone who buys this to make sure they don't skip this. It's fancinating to know how Paul's career has progressed and he has lots of advice for fellow artists.
The live footage of him working is also great to see how demanding a real life gig can be and the energy Paul puts into his performance.
If anyone wants to learn card magic, improve upon their presentation, learn new effects or just wants to be entertained, buy this set of will not be disappointed.
Dean Harvey
These are great man. I mean really great. Mr. Gordon is a helluva teacher, performer and offers us awesome magic. His books have always been my favorites, but Gold Dust Live is now my fav magic DVD set. I first saw him lecture in Dallas thirty years ago. He was great then and better now. Big nod to Alakazam for stirling production values. Great guys.
Shane Parsonage
Most magic DVDs are all style and no substance. Gold Dust Live is all substance. It's full. No fillers, no flashy imagery...just full of strong card magic. So impressed. Paul Gordon is a great entertainer, magician and likeable character. I LOVE it. When's the next set? Ok... I'm off now to buy the Gold Dust books!
David Abel
Paul must surely be kicking himself, as instead he should have called it Gold Mine, as that is exactly what this 3 dvd set contains. A gold mine of quality and useable routines you will do, clearly and expertly explained, filmed with the usual quality this dvd is an essential classic you must all own.
Garth Christian
Fact: Most magic DVDs are overblown. Fact: Paul Gordon's Gold Dust Live is not. It is crammed with lots of fab magic. I've recently become a pro and this is magic I'm gonna do in my act. Thanks for a great set. Now I'm getting Paul's books. Nice one!
Phil Glover
The Gold Dust Trilogy, Gold Dust Live and Quidnunc are my fav card magic books and DVDs. Paul Gordon's magic is so very good. Eye poppers, commercial and workable. Paul Gordon is a great entertainer too. Highly recommended.
Amit Kahn
Gold Dust Live, The Gold Dust Trilogy and Quidnunc arrived a month ago and have been in my drawer at work ever since. I read/watch every lunchtime and am so impressed and excited by the magic. I'm loving good in a magic world of so much dross. Nice one Alakazam and Mr. Gordon.
Nicolas Cheng
These DVDs are insane value for what you get. Tonnes of tricks to learn and even for those familiar with the plots there is much to be gained from Paul's take on them and his experience. Highly recommended!
Samuel Finklestein
So good! So goddam good! 40 wow effects on 3 DVDs!? Awesome and insane. Only one question? When are u doing Gold Dust Live 2? WHEN?
Jacob Anderson
Honestly the best magic product I have picked up in while. The tricks in this are some of the best workers I have ever seen, there isn't one affect that I wouldn't perform whilst out and about gigging. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new magic dvd as this dvd takes you through everything you need to know.
Bill Murphy
Now you're talking. Gold Dust Live (and the books trilogy) is the bees knees. I can see myself using all the tricks at shows. They are all commercial. Just ordered Quidnunc and look at getting the new Quidnunc DVD. Mr. G is the best of the best.
Michael Paterson
I cannot recommend this dvd set enough. Everything is workable and taught well.
Ace Estimation is brilliant and my pick of the bunch

Absolutely fantastic tricks. Recommended for beginners to professionals. great tricks!!
Chris Roney
If you consider yourself a card magician then you can do no better than this set of DVD's. This has been in my top 10 since its release and will remain there forever. Master 80% of these effects and you could perform anywhere anytime with just a deck of cards. Thank you Paul Gordon.


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