Heads Off by Kris Rubens

Heads Off by Kris Rubens

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Visual magic that is fit for a Royalty!

After choosing a card at random from the deck it is discovered that the spectator has selected the King of Hearts.  The magician informs the spectator that this card supposedly represents King Henry the Eighth, who was known as the lover, owing to the fact that he had six wives.

It is further suggested that since King Henry the Eighth beheaded two of his wives, it is only fair that he should loose his own.  Suiting actions with words, the magician now proceeds to visibly remove the King’s head leaving nothing but an empty space in its place.

The ‘decapitated’ King is now handed to the spectator for examination.  Having a sudden pang of guilt, the magician suggests that two wrongs don’t make a right and so in a seeming effort to remedy the situation, the magician proceeds to set the King’s head on fire. In a sudden burst of flames the King’s head vanishes into thin air.

Upon examining the card for a second time, the Kings head is now found safely back where it belongs thus restoring peace and harmony to the world.

Everything is now left for examination.

Alternative handling/routining included!

Comes complete with two custom printed bicycle cards and 48 flash gimmicks.

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