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Imagine by G and SM Productionz


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Imagine being able to turn a SIGNED double blank card into a thought of playing card. Front AND Back, with the spectator's SIGNATURE on the FACE of the card!
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Customer Reviews

N. Clement
I got really excited by reading the reviews about Imagine.

This is a great trick/idea but I am disappointed by the description of the effect. Also I couldn't understand why they didn't show the effect on the promo video but only reactions and it does make sense. The spectator doesn't "think" of a card as mentioned on the dvd and description but the card is selected from the pack which is clearly not the same. The spectator does think of the card but AFTER it was selected (even if not taking out of the pack).

It is similar to selling a clipboard or peaking device by saying the spectator "think of an object" instead of "drawing".

As I said, good trick if part of a dvd containing other material but just been slightly put off from buying other item from them
jonathon allwoo
All say is wow factor is in your this the best by it have a good ideas that will rock your obscure with strong close up magic i done this ones on a on a great friend who loves his of magic and by all things and he jumped out of his chair and say how you did not do a thing ! This masterpiece is something for everyone but as well for magician's who like to see cool things the thinking of this is justice and easy to learn !


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