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Inflexion By Dave Loosley


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"The best trick I've seen at Blackpool..Superb!" - 

Jeff McBride 2016

Alakazam Magic are proud to present Dave Loosley’s killer three phase transposition effect, straight from his working set.

Inflexion is an easy to perform visual transposition between two playing cards.

The spectator experiences an ultra-visual of magic as they witness the precise moment that a playing card changes place with the one inside their own hand.

Inflexion comes supplied with a full in-depth training DVD and two custom made gimmicks created by Dave Loosley and manufactured by master card engineer Rob Bromley.

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Customer Reviews

Steve Black
This a superb effect with a fantastic gimmick both in terms of thinking and construction.The instruction is great and the routines clever.The view of the indexes is small but does NOT detract because in a closeup situation people will not notice because the narrative is consistent.An excellent Alakazam release,yet again!! Well done Dave!
Lawrie Day
Dave Loosely has produced an ingenious effect which is supported by an excellent DVD that provides clear and concise multiple handling routines. The three gimmicks supplied give you lots of options, are easy to carry around and the different routines offer easy options to produce a high impact ending for all skill levels.
chris lomas
Such a brilliant idea that has come through for dave and the alakaxam team. Simple and easy to work with. A must buy
I bought this at Blackpool, and I must say VERY GOOD, because it is examinable and the gimmics are well made. The plot is easy to understand.
So again VERY GOOD.
Steve Knight
This is not just the best Trick I saw at Blackpool but one of the best card effects I have seen in a very long time, it packs a punch right out the gate!! This effect has gone right in to my A set, the reactions I am getting are INCREDIBLE!!!! Well done Dave outstanding!
Steven Holt
This is a nice little trick. Anything that's visual & happens right in front of a spectator's eyes always goes down well I find.

The gimmicks are well made. If you've done magic for a while you'll have an idea of what's going on here. Simple enough to do as well.

It's nice see new releases coming out with instructional DVDs again instead of streaming videos. Not a fan of streaming videos.

I liked this a lot.
craig davies
Absolutely love this effect, this will be accompanying 'Squashed' in my close up repertoire. Well done Mr Loosley!
Thomas Lee
This is officially the first magic trick I've ever bought and it is... Brilliant! Worth every penny (although I guess with any gimmick one always thinks- well why didn't I think of that!??), I love it!
What an amazing effect for a begginer to be able to do! Thanks Mr Loosley, great trick :-)
Michael Sturman
This is everything Dave wanted it to be, absolute visual eye candy. Performed it within an hour to a group of people and still deafened by the screams. Just moved straight to the top of strolling act. Thank you and keep them coming!!!


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