Jungle Playing Cards by Art of Play

Jungle Playing Cards by Art of Play

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Bursting with vibrant colors and raw animal magnetism, the savage design of this deck was inspired by the lush jungles of Africa. 

Each custom illustrated card features iconic flora and fauna from the Zulu wilderness. Monkeys, parrots, and jungle cats run wild throughout the pack. 

The jungle tuck case was printed on an antique Heidelberg letterpress to give the colors a vintage "washed" look that compliments the eye-catching graphics inside. 

Designed by Muti in South Africa.

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Customer Reviews

Doug Heath

Nice deck and a good review. These deck reviews are a great idea and very well presented by Mr Loosley.


The numerous different Cards now on the market are sometimes I think only made for collectors. Muggles will not always remember a Card due to the design

Hohn Green

Hi Dave, Just some constructive feedback on your reviews. Please tell us more about the quality and feel of the cards. How they handle when faro shuffling etc. Also show more close ups on the actual cards and the tuck case. This is what makes these cards so special than normal decks. Also explain any special features or reveals on the cards or tuck case. This is only your second review so I’ll give you more chance for you to improve on your reviews!

Rik Weston

Wow this is a fantastic deck of cards. The art work and style is like nothing I have seen before and boy is that a GOOD thing. When you take this cards out to play, they are going to grab people's attention. You probably won't get round to actually performing an effect because people are going to want a good look at these Zanny cards. I really love the detail that has gone into the box as well. With the embossed graphics. It's a little thing but that is the sort of thing that makes a good deck a great deck. I don't know where you find this quirky decks Dave but please keep them coming. I know that even if I win this deck I will still need to buy a second one, nicely sealed for my collection. That means another loan. Well worth it though. Thanks Dave, Rgds Rik.

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