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Live Online Magic Course With Morgan And West Instant Download

Live Online Magic Course With Morgan And West Instant Download

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The Alakazam Academy is a live interactive course which is streamed directly into your Alakazam Account. You can sign in live to learn magic, ask questions and be part of our growing online magic community.  The Alakazam Online Magic Academy has been designed to deliver these magic lessons in a fun, relax, friendly and interactive way.  By signing up to an Academy course you will experience the best in magic learning!

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Morgan & West: More Than Just Magic and Showmanship 

Morgan & West make (and perform, of course) shows. They want you to do the same. Why? They like shows. They like good shows even better. Oh, and they're called spiffing chaps for a reason you know.

Over the course of the academy Morgan & West will take you through the basics of putting together a show. This is their approach to how best to choose your material and bring it together to form a coherent piece, be it for a 20 minute cabaret, corporate set, after dinner show, fringe show, or full blown evening of mystery.

Along they way they'll teach you three tricks that they like to open, close, and sit in the middle of the show with. Importantly they'll explain why these all have their place. Don't worry, they're all tricks that can be done by one person!

As ever, they want you to get involved with your questions, thoughts, comments, and general musings. So what are you waiting for. Put the kettle on, see you there!

Can’t make the date or time?  Don’t worry, the course will be saved into your account for you to watch or download.

**Please note due to the live nature of our courses the syllabus and or dates may be subject to change without prior notification

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Customer Reviews

Mick Wilson

An intensely educational Academy Class which had me on the edge of my seat from the moment Morgan and West started performing. The best way to learn show structuring is from successful performers and these boys have certainly succeed. The effects are there to provide reasoning for the theory they want to impart to the students, having said that, they are extremely strong effects, strong but extremely simple to execute. I've read a great many texts on magic performance including Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber and I'm still learning a great deal from this lesson. If you haven't purchased this course then you really have missed out on a very, very valuable lesson in show creation and structure.

Brian Stewart

What a fascinating Academy with Morgan and West who put on some great shows. This Academy has given a fascinating insight into how they structure their shows, developed their characters and picked the right tricks for the right time. Learning lots of tricks is the fairly simple part of magic, but structuring a complete show is a totally different matter altogether. Another great Academy course looking at magic from a different perspective and of course learning their tricks. Well done Morgan and West and of course Alakazam for another great Academy course.

Phill Evans

What a brilliant evening. These guys are sharing so many absolute gems regarding putting on a show. Insights into the craftsmanship of writing, designing and performing stage and parlour. I'm going to be watching this over and over. Good job it's not old VHS, the tape would wear out. If you missed this and there's another opportunity, grab it with both hands. Worth the price many times over

Alec Mitchell

The most amazingly entertaining lecture I have seen. Jam packed with nuggets of good information.

Matty Turner

Morgan and West have offered us an in-depth look in to the structure of a show giving golden advise and teaching multipl very unique engaging effects.First time taking part in one of these and I am thurally impressed! The production value and overall experience is awesome will defiantly come again!

Dan Ives

Having seen them live last year and thoroughly enjoying it, I have been looking forward to this lecture of theirs. The discussion of how and why they structure routines as they do is great to hear, and I'm learning a lot about how they go about creating a show. I think this is definitely a worthwhile watch for anyone considering putting on not just a stage show, but any show for that matter.

George Rowley

Really fascinating insights into show structuring and character creation. Brilliant !!!

Simon Cafferty

Only 90 minutes into the course and already Morgan and West have shown just how all around and spiffing chaps they are! They have covered how to open a show, how to build up your character, embrace yourself and take effects to the next level. It is very creative thinking, which can help anyone with their performances. You can see how passionate they are about what they do but more importantly they have shown just what it means to put on a show which will leave an audience wanting to see more. It is inspiring to learn from two guys who are so genuine, funny, and own a ground breaking time travelling golf buggy. To see top class football they expect you to pay £50-60 for 90 minutes of football, yet Alakazam have given us a world class act, for over double that time, for a ridiculously cheap price. Everyone's a winner :)

Dave Urwin

These guys are brilliant, great tricks and fantastic descriptions of how to deliver a show.

Scott Clark

A great course about how shows are made, with some great tricks as well. as they say you only get better by performing. In other words a place to be bad.

Steve Black

The Academy is evolving and it is really exciting !!! I have been looking forward to this for over a month and am not disappointed. The professional advise /tips are fantastic. The guys are brilliant performers and clearly bring an intellectual vibrancy to developing their act that benefits all those trying to develop ideas of their own. To create a persona is very difficult but their advise is an enormous help !!. Thanks guys !!

Pete Donnelly (Peterleemagic)

I could genuinely listen to these two for hours. So knowledgeable and a passion for the art of magic and performing. You'd be a fool not to watch.

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