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Location By Dave Loosley Streaming Video

Location By Dave Loosley Streaming Video
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Location!? Is Dave Loosley’s impossibly fair card effect. On this Alakazam Instant Streaming video Dave Loosley teaches this effect in full including his super-fast card box load. The load is natural and happens right in front of your spectators eyes.

Imagine your spectator selecting a card while the deck is in their own hands. They themselves mix it back into the deck in an ultra-fair manner.

Now being able to find this card under these circumstances would be amazing enough BUT you go one step further. You actually make their card vanish and appear inside a card box that has been on the table from the very start (and yes the selected card is really IN the card box, they can even remove it themselves)

Location!? Utilises a normal deck. No Marked Cards, No One Way Deck and no duplicate’s

Watch this Instant Streaming Video and you'll be performing Location!? In minutes (it's that simple)

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