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Magic of the Masters Vol 1 Instant Download

Magic of the Masters Vol 1 Instant Download

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The Alakazam Academy are proud to present the Magic of the Masters Course, presented by our core tutor John Carey. John has selected 12 amazing card effects that truly are classics, including a brand new creation of his own.There is so much plot variety here and we just know you will love sitting down with John as he performs and teaches each effect in his own unique style.The material covered comes from some of the greatest minds in magic. You will not be disappointed!

Here’s the material taught:

1. The Fabulous Four Ace Trick- Henry Christ 

2. Impossible- Larry Jennings 

3. Bloody Amazing! - Steve Bryant

4. The Two Card Trick - Bro John Hamman

5. Stage Shout- Roy Walton 

6. Las Vegas Leaper- Paul Harris 


7. Trost on Reset - Nick Trost

8. Oil and Water - Juan Tamariz

9. Apex Aces - Frank Garcia/Jay Ose

10. Fiddle with the Biddle In The Middle! - Alex Elmsley        

11. 51 Faces North - Stewart James

12. Entrapment! - John Carey

In addition to the effects, John will discuss concepts including timing, misdirection and how to add dramatic tension to your work to amplify the magic. It promises to be a fantastic evening of learning live from the Academy!

Can’t make the date or time?  Don’t worry, the course will be saved into your account for you to watch or download.

**Please note due to the live nature of our courses the syllabus and or dates may be subject to change without prior notification

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Customer Reviews

Eamon Doohan

I was glad I bought this. Brilliant choice of effects , easy to do but strong in effect . The type of magic that can help you get back in to magic . With just a pack of cards. Brilliantly taught.

Phill Evans

Another great academy course by the amazing John Carey. So much help here. Solid classic tricks that have stood the test of time. Loving the way these are being deconstructed. The moves and techniques can be applied to so many other effects. Great insights from the team and good discussion and banter on the chat roll. Perfect remedy to the recent stormy weather.

Steve Smith

John keeps pushing the bar ever higher. Another stunning course of fantastic card tricks. The Academy goes from strength to strength.

Rob Scott

Yet again another amazing academy course full of great magic, advise and banter courtesy of Mr Carey and the gang. Everything is explained is so much detail that it is hard not to want to add the effects into your sets. The value for money on these courses is exceptional and you feel like you are the only one that is being taught with the added bonus of an interactive chat room. Great work guys.

Scott Clark

Another amazing course by the whole team. The tricks were not too intense to learn. No super hard moves. They even answered my question live. Again a great team to learn from.

Mark Benheim

Awesome as always. John is an encyclopedia of moves, authors, and creators as well as an ingenious creator of effects himself. Clean and clearly taught with snippets of history and anecdotes from his huge amount of experience.

Steve Burford

John never disappoints, another great session of magic and instruction

Richard Groom

I love this course. Very much a greatest hits of card magic taught by the unstoppable John Carey.

Dan Ives

I've attended most of the academies to date, and every one has been great, and this one is no exception. It's great to watch some brilliant magic, talk theory, and have a laugh at all of the banter. I highly recommend the academy to everyone, young and old, beginner and expert.

Brian Stewart

As always John's tutoring is fun, laid back and just brilliant to watch and even better to learn from. This is a collection of great tricks from the Masters that are fully explained in John's inimitable style.This is the perfect way to learn some of the best tricks around in a very easy going format. The Academies are perfect for people of all abilities who want to seriously improve their magic.

Darren Bane

When it comes to teaching magic, the Alakazam Academy is in a class of its own. Never has that been more apparent than in this Magic of the Masters course - appropriately named as the tutor is the man I consider to be the academy head master John Carey. You don't just learn superb tricks, delivered in John's casual, affable style - you get the little performance subtleties, little misdirections, little tips and some, ahem tricks of the trade. I've got many DVDs supplied with tricks, where I watch and think "I am not quite getting that, I wish they would show it again from a different angle." Well, if you watch the academy live, ask them to show it again, ask for a different angle, and they will deliver. THAT's the extra factor you get from this truly interactive sessions. Awesome teaching, awesome effects, awesome value - the Headmaster Carey's academy sessions really are in a class of their own.

Kevin Bowman

Another fantastic Academy session with the great John Carey. John's Academies are always fun to watch. With great tricks, tips on misdirection and subtleties. you get great advice from John & Dave, as well as just learning the tricks. John is my favorite Academy teacher. I highly recommend Alakazam Academy courses.

Glenn Ford

As always with John Carey an excellent night of magic. Twelve classic tricks and brilliant teaching. Minimal effort , maximum effects.

Steve Black

Another great evening with John and the Alakazam team.The effects are excellent catering for all abilities.The Academies are inclusive which is just superb.Tips and opinions from the team and those taking part make the whole experience VERY enjoyable and instructive.Highly Recommended !! .

Steve Hansey

John does it again! A Tour De Force of card magic. Card tricks from a whole heap of great magicians performed and explained by John in his clear and down to earth way. Easy to follow, and something to go back to again and again. Hours of material to watch, all presented with humour and knowledge. I'm surprised John's head hasn't exploded with the wealth of information he carries in it. Loving it, just as I did with his previous course - Zero To Hero. Highly recommended!

Dan Marsh

John is a genius choice for core tutor. His patience and warm, positive personality just allow you to relax and learn. Never afraid to ask a question, even if you feel silly. The online academy is simply the only best way for me to learn magic as I feel "safe" at home so not intimidated by other people's skill levels. I also can see so close the handling and techniques. I get to ask questions and get live answers. This magic of the masters is brilliant. And the only disappointment will be no part 2, part 3, part 4 and more. Bravo and thank you.

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