Magical Artistry of Petrick and Mia Vol. 1

Magical Artistry of Petrick and Mia Vol. 1
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On this volume, you'll be treated to amazingly visual effects perfect for the platform performer. 

Content Includes: 

Cut & Restored Ribbon - The performer shows two lengths of ribbon and then clearly severs them. With just a gesture, they are restored. 

Rose Surprise - Flower blossoms are produced from an empty cylinder. 

Vanishing Rose - A rose blossom visibly vanishes right at the performer's fingertips. 

Coin Production - Large silver coins are produced out of nowhere from a sheer scarf. 

Jumping Knot - A red scarf is laid inside a folder. A white scarf is knotted. At the performer's command, the knot vanishes and is found to be tied in the red one. 

Linking Silks - Three sheer scarves are tied into loops which then link and unlink in inexplicable and astounding ways. 

Mia's Silk Puffs / Three Mysterious Knots - Knots are tied into the centers of three sheer scarves. The scarves are then tied together in a loop yet the center knots magically untie themselves while the scarves remain tied to each other. 

Silk into a Bouquet of Flowers (explanation only) - An extremely clever method for producing a bouquet of spring flowers in the center of a sheer silk. 


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