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Minimax by Edo


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MINIMAX is the smallest and most sensitive electronic magnetic detector available today!

It is so small that you can hide it in a Thumb Tip, below your watch, in your mouth, under your sleeve or you can simply finger palm it.

The options are endless!

This AMAZING device allows you to perform magic effects that have NEVER been possible before. You can show your hands totally empty before during and after you performance!

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Customer Reviews

Peter Nardi
Review taken from Magic Magazine
October 2011. Written by Francis Menotti.

Usually, when reviewing a product that is essentially a secret, one must dance around the description of the item so as not to prmeaturely expose its workings to prospective buyers. In the case of the Minimax detector, it is not only nearly impossible to avoid such exposure,but also an unnecersary concern as the item is well designed, well made and it's highly unlikely the average customer could make one at home. Also, the fact that the DVD case accompanying the prop claims it to be the "most sensitive magnectic detector available" and that it is an "all-in-one detector with a quiet built in vibrator." leaves me with little else to say other than this is a simple but clever device that does the technical work of creating a good, strong trick. All that is left for the performer is to make a fifty-fifty guessing game entertaining.
The most basic of routines suggested on the instructional DVD is a guess-in-which-hand scenario. The perfromer gives a coin to the spectator and asks that it be concealed in one of his fists.When this is done, the magician waves his own hands over each of the spectators fists and is instantly and unfailingly able to identitfy which hand holds the coin. There are other suggestions of find-the-object games, but the real effectiveness of this gimmick will come down to the performer's ability to create an interesting routine.The package includes a language free DVD, meaning that the device and suggested routines are described through mimed actions with background music rather than use words. This universal method of teaching does explain the basic handling clearly enough, along with care of the sensor and the gist of how one might use the gimmick to create routines.There are no example performances, other than a few quick flashes during the demo trailer, to indicae the types of reactions one might get by using the gimmick.The video shows various ways of concealing the gimmick during a performance, how to change the battery-the producers note that it needs to be changed often- and gives examples of various types of objects one might use in the routine.The only caveat is that, in order to be detected, the item must possess a strong magnetic field. No such item is included.
The DVD recommends using magnetic coins, PK rings or magnetic shim cards for certain effects, but the sensor will vibrate when within a couple of inches of any strong magnet. Given the fact that there is no on/off switch on the gimmick, you must store it away from such magnets or you'll exhaust the battery prematurely. Whether it's a fifty-fifty chance or a game with much steeper odds, the Mininmax detector in the right hands is a guarateed win every time.
Doesn't work! Very, very bad device!


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